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Tag: Get To Know Me

Hey, y'all so, kissandmakeupx2 answer a lot of questions and it looked really fun!  These questions practically cover everything so I thought it might me a good idea instead of doing a Q&A, which I am sure y'all could care less about me!

Happy Mother's Day!

1. Have you ever been in love ?
Uhm, I a not a girl who gives her heart away easy by any means and being a 15 year old, I can't justify what "love" is.  I'm very guarded when it comes to relationships so I don't think I've been in love yet.

2. First kiss ? 
I was 14, so a year ago and it was with my second boyfriend, it was actually really cute.  I think it was our 6th date and we were on Wasaga Beach which we had a long drive to go - his brother and his girlfriend drove us. And we kind of just kissed in while standing in the water, probably the cutest kiss I've ever had.

3. Was it awkward ?

Not really, it felt perfect. 

4. Longest Relationship ?

I think it was 7 and a half months, so not too long.

5. Have you ever been rejected ?

No, because I will never have enough courage to ask a guy out.

6. How many serious boyfriends ? 

Uhm, 4 really serious boyfriends, the others mean nothing to me.

7. Who is your celeb crush ?
Taylor Lautner and Tyler Medeiros

8. What is your favourite clothing brand?

Probably anything at Aritizia, but I really like PINK and other clothing brands too so it's a tough decision.

9. What is one show that you have to watch every week?

The Vampire Diaries is my obsession!

10. Do you watch MTV? if so what shows do you watch?

Yeaa, I love MTV I watch Jersey Shore of course, The Hills (although it stopped), MTV News, Super Sweet 16 and Cribs.

11. Favorite Smoothie ?

Banana Strawberry YUM!

12. Have you ever played bingo ?

Yea, I played on New Years' Eve, how cool is my family?

13. Do you like Lil Wayne & Favorite Song by him ?

Yes, I love him! Uhm, probably "We Takin' Over" it has a bunch of other artist in there too though.

14. Favorite Park at Disneyworld?

I don't know I've only been once when I was 10, I think but maybe MGM or Magic Kingdom.

15. Do you have a facebook ?

Yea, I do.

16. Do you like the Olsen Twins ?

Yea, they used to be my favourite as a kid.

17. Would you like to visit Asia? 
Sure, I love travelling!

18. When was your last haircut?

Major haircut was about a month ago.

19. Do you eat healthy or junk food or a mix? 

I eat a mix, but I am a major junk food eater.

20. Do you have any pets?
No! But I wish i had a turtle or a morkie so bad!

21. What is your favorite tree?

Maple Leaf all day every day!

22. Have you ever broken a bone?

Yea, I broke my arm when i was 7 or 6 in a really embarrassing way!

23. What is your lucky number?

9, I have no idea why though.

24. Favorite movie?

Uhm, I watch a lot but really liked Just Go With It, Grown Ups, Couples Retreat, The Proposal, Inception, Shutter Island if you look at my profile you can see all of the movies I like or most.

25. Do you party alot ?
Not too much, I don't go to a hall part every week.  I go like once every 2-3 months or something.

26. Do you go to clubs ?

No, maybe one day I will but not right now. 

27. Affordable makeup from sephora ?

Go on and click on the sale section (click here for link) and it will show you all the sale and value set products.

28. Favorite state you have visited? 

Michigan or Florida, I love Michigan and Florida but I want to live in Cali and then move to Tennessee.
29. Favorite urban decay eyeshaow ?

I don't own any but my mom is going to Sephora tomorrow to see if she can get the Naked Palette - fingers crossed. I really like Naked from that palette.

30. Do you know where Sweden is?

Yea, I'm taking geography right now.

31. What languages do you speak?

I speak english, french and creole.  I understand a bit of italian and spanish.

32. Would you meet viewers that came to the US? 

Uhm, sure but I love in Canada.

33. Are you close to your mom or dad ?

I am really close to both my parents.

34. Do you have any kids ? 

Oh gosh no, I'm only 15.

35. Favorite Season?


36. Have you ever been to Norway ?

No, but hopefully I will get to go one day.

37. Do you have many best friends ? 

I have 3 best of the best friends.

38. Do you want to get to know us better ? 

Yea, for sure, do this tag!

39. Favorite Color?

Tiffany Blue!

40. Are you a Christian ? 

Yea, but do not worry I will not hate you if you are not and I am not going to be talking about my religion on my blog.

41. How tall are you?

I'm 5'2" I know I'm short!

42. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be ?

It would probably be my skin, I break out not too often but still a lot.

43. If I had to dye my hair, what color? 

Maybe a lighter brown or black.

44. Favorite Shampoo and conditioner?

I really like the Bumble & Bumble Creme De Coco Shampoo and the Global Keratin Functional Keratin Hair Taming System Moisturizing Conditioner.

45. What would you do if you had One week to live ? 

Me and one f my best friends Paula kind of have a "bucket list" of what we want to do before we die because we're going to Wonderland together this year and they have a new ride called WindSeeker so we kind of think we're going to die!

46. Do you believe in Love at first sight ? 
Like I said I don't give my heart away easily, so I don't believe in love at first sight.

47. What sports do you play in high school ?

I was on the swim team this year, soccer and volleyball but as I mentioned before I am in the dance program at my school.

48. What are your pet peeves ?

I hate it when sweater strings are uneven it drives me insane!

49. What is your dream job ?

My dream job is to become a professional dancer which is really hard to do.  Or a make-up artist, designer, lawyer or architect.

50. How Do you feel about Brad & Emily ?

Who are they?

51. Have you ever done you
r hair drastically different ?

2 years ago I cut 12 inches off for cancer and had a bob cut.

52. Favorite singer ?

Hayley Williams from Paramore but my favorite band is All Time Low.

53. Favorite Princess story ?

Beauty and the Beast

54. Favorite Book ?

Go see my profile I list those too!  Right now I'm reading "Beach Blondes"

55. Best beauty tip ?

Make-up is not to be a mask but use it to enhance your natural beauty!

56. Biggest Fear ?

Do not laugh when I say this but I am terrified of bridges!

57. Favorite Actor ?

Taylor Lautner...

So, I tag y'all to do this tag and I hope y'all do do this and leave it as a comment below or link where you re-did this.  Let me know if you found out anything interesting about me you did not know.

xoxo, Taylor


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