Monday, May 30, 2011

Nail Polish Of The Day: Glitter Sunshine

Hey y'all so I painted my nails yellow recently and I never do that!  I think bright colours (besides pink) look terrible on me but I found a way to make yellow wearable.  I am probably not the first to do this but I thought I'd share with you.  If you'd like a "How-To" let me know.

Don't you just love banana yellow?

Here's a close up!
 Although 2 of the colours are limited edition, I happen to know Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in 'Yellow Kitty' is a due for OPI's Fiercely Fiona and as for the glitter polish, you can use any you have!
Left to Right: Orly's Luxe, OPI's Fiercely Fiona (limited edition), OPI's Extra-va-vaganza (limited edition)
What did you think of my nails?  I personally love it!  Would you wear it?

xoxo Taylor

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nail Polish Of The Day: Water Marble Art -- Summer Colours

Hey y'all, so I watched MissJenFABULOUS' Water Marble Art Video, I was very intrigued of how easy it would be!  Surprisingly, it was easy but messy and Jen's look much better than mine but not bad for a first try right?  They do chip fast however.  I got tonnes of compliments on mine so therefore, I consider this a success and I wanted to share it with you all.

Both hands painted.

Left hand (Flash)-- My ring finger came out really well 
Left Hand (No Flash)

Right Hand (Flash) -- I really like my ring finger and thumb
Right Hand (No Flash) 

The base colour I used was Orly's "Goin' To The Chapel" which is a very pretty pearlescent pearly, pink with a green-yellow duo chrome.  For the actual marble I used OPI's "Fiercely Fiona", "Who The Shrek Are You?" and "Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot!" which are ALL limited edition unfortunately!  I also used Essie's "Mint Candy Apple" and "Click It or Ticket".  The last colour I used was China Glaze's "Re-Fresh Mint"

(Left To Right: Goin' To The Chapel, Fiercely Fiona, Who The Shrek Are You?,
Re-Fresh Mint, Mint Candy Apple, Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot!, Click It Or Ticket)
 I hope you all enjoyed this post and tell me if you've ever tried this technique?  Let me know your experience with it too!

I have a very important question to ask you, I will not be announcing the giveaway until at least June 6 because I am going to the MAC event June 4 or 5 because I wanted to get you all something from the collection.  If you would like I could give you a sneak peek at the giveaway by showing you 2-3 products that will be featured!  Please let me know if you would like that or would you just rather wait for the one blog post!

xoxo, Taylor

Monday, May 23, 2011

How To: 2 Ways To Get 10-Minute Waves

I know I have been doing a lot of wavy hair tutorials but they are the best to pull off for summer!  So, here is one way to get waves similar to SJP's in the picture that my friend taught me to do!

Materials Needed:
- 5 Hair Ties
- Brush
- Flat Iron
- Braiding Ability
- Heat Protectant

1) Brush your hair out when it is completely dry to ensure that there are no tangles so it is easy to braid.
2) Divide your hair into 5 sections all over your head and braid them, don't worry about how neat they are.
3) Spray your heat protectant on each braid and allow to dry.
4) Run the flat iron over each braid for about 10-15 seconds each.
5) Take out all the braids and run your finger through it to break them up.

The next technique I learned from a sleepover with my best friend.  Her mom used to be a hairdresser so she taught us this easy way to get waves like Ashley Greene's.

Materials Needed:
- 90% dry hair -- if not mist your hair
- Curl Enhancing Cream
- Hair Tie
- Heat Protectant
- Blow Dryer
- Bobby Pins

1) Add curl enhancing cream to your damp hair since we are trying to get subtle waves.
2) Tie your hair into a high pony tail at the crown of your head.
3) Spray heat protectant on it throughly.
4) Twist your hair around the base of the hair tie so it creates a bun and bobby pin it so it stays in place.
5) Turn your blow dyer on and blow dry your hair until it is completely dry and make sure you let your hair cool down afterwards.
6) Take out the bobby pins and hair tie and look at your amazingly natural soft waves.

I hope you enjoyed both tutorials, and I hope you didn't mind I used a little bit of heat.  Either this week or next week I will be announcing my giveaway prizes so keep your eyes peeled!  Thank-you all for reading my blog and following, I reached 50 followers when I woke up today and I never thought I would get 5!  It means a lot, not to mention people have actually given me the 'Stylish Blogger Award'!

SWAVLK, Taylor 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Haul: May 22, 2011 - H&M, Garage and More!

Hey girls, before I get started, I forgot to mention you on my last post but anyway, thank-you Ashley Lorraine for my third stylish blogger award!  Please go check her out and follow her! So yesterday I went shopping and bought a few things, and I was supposed to get my feather extension but sadly they didn't have the type I wanted and now... I have to wait until I get a call from my salon telling me they got it!  My dad had to go out of town for a few hours so I was stuck at the mall with my mom and my aunt and we shopped!

The first place I stumbled into was H&M where I got 2 pairs of sandals! I adore both of them and they were relatively cheap and comfortable!

These are the first pair of sandals which were $29.95!  I love these and they remind me of moccasins, which is a huge trend where I live but this is a cuter much more summery alternative!  Shoes like these will be great for going to amusement parks or anywhere you don't want your shoes to fall off! Click HERE to see these on the H&M website!

Unfortunately,  I could not find these on the H&M website!  These are black gladiators once again perfect for the occasions where you don't want your shoes to fall off!  I love that they have different detailing.  These were only $17.95 and look so good on!  There is a zipper on the back so it is really easy to take these off and put them on!

Next I went to Garage where there was a promotion going on where if you spent $60 or more you would get $10 off.

So, this is the "Lacerback" Cami.  What a cute name!  If you can tell by the first picture, the back is all lace this would be so cute with a bandeau on top of it! And since these were 2 for $20 I got this one in "Blue Lagoon and ...

... this one in "Mascarpone Cherry"!  It's such a pretty coral colour which is such a cute colour for summer!

Then I got this crop top called "Cropped Tank with Lace Panels" in the colour Orealis Yellow.  It is such a summer colour as most things in this haul will be!  I love the fact that lace is incorporated.  Two things I am obsessed with this summer are: lace and crops!  Plus it was only $8!

Then I got this solid bandeau for $5!  I love this colour it's called Aqua Sea anything close to Tiffany Blue, I am obsessed with it!  I just think under anything this would be so cute!  

Then I got Floral Rob Tank with Lace in Royal Navy!  As you can see, the straps and partially the back is lace!  This would look so good under denim shorts!  It was $14.90.

I love this top and this picture does not do it justice!  It's called the Lace Tank Top and I got it in Snow White but it really is more of an off-white!  It was more pricey at $18.90 but on top of the Aqua Sea bandeau!

I got the Striped Cropped Pocket Tee in Light Grey/Vanilla Milkshake!  If you remember my Pittsburgh Haul I got the same one in Navy for $20.23 with tax but this one was on sale for $12 without tax!  What a steal, it was practically half off!

I went to the drugstore to pick up a waterproof mascara for summer!  I chose to pick up the Maybelline Lash Stiletto and I am impressed!  This might become my new favourite mascara!  It lengthens so much! I love how this makes my lashes look, if you want length check out this mascara!  

A day earlier my mom went to a vintage shop near local to my town even I don't know the name since I didn't go but she picked up some stuff!

The first thing is this really cute necklace!  It has a long leather chain and then a giant bead!  There is a huge golden heart a bunch of metal chains a feather a smaller heart and a bead!  It is super cute and love how it looks with any outfit!

She also got me this feather headband!  This is definitely a statement piece, under the feathers there is a mesh bow and a giant gem stone and a medallion!  It might look intimidating but it looks super cute!  I love this!

So that is everything from my haul, I hoped you enjoyed and I will talk to you all very soon!  Comment below on what your favourite item was!

xoxo Taylor ... swalk <3

Friday, May 20, 2011

How To: No-Heat Crinkled Waves

I wanted to do more hair tutorials that involve no heat and I figured I would start off with a really easy one that almost everyone can do!  To get practically identical waves to the picture below continue reading!

Materials Needed:
-2 hair ties
- Texturizing Spray Gel/ Flexible Hold Hair Spray (Optional)
- Wet Hair
- Braiding Ability
- A Brush (Optional)

1) Wash your hair and let it out dry for about 5-15 minutes depending on the thickness of your hair.
2) Make sure your hair is really wet but about 5% dry.  Also be sure that none of your hair had dried completely.
3) Separate your part and brush your hair out if you'd like.
4) Split ALL your hair into two sections on each side of your head.
5) Braid each section normally, there is no need to do a french or fishtail braid for this.
6) Tie the ends of the braid with your hair ties.
7) Spray your texturizing spray gel/ flexible hold hair spray on it but only a little bit.
8) Sleep with your hair in braids if it's in the morning just wait until they dry or your can start blow drying it after 20 minutes of braiding.
9) Take out the braids and wake-up to beautiful soft hair!

I love this look because it gives your such a pretty hairstyle without a lot of effort I personally just braid it go to sleep and wake up with the softest hair ever!  I know this is a common hair style but surprisingly a lot of girls do not know it yet!  If you want softer waves make the braids looser and if you want smaller waves make your braids tighter!  Hope you enjoyed many more heatless hair tutorials to come!

xoxo, Taylor 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tag: Summer Besties

As most of you may know MacBarbie07 (Bethany), made up a tag called Summer Besties.  Basically, there is a category and for each category you name your favourite one you use in the summer, so they are like your summer lifesavers.

Favourite summer....

1) Lip product: I know that these are discontinued but every CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) I've been to has had them and I don't even live in the States.  But... my MAC Tendertone Lip balm in Pucker.  This colour reminds me of a watermelon for some odd reason.  I also love the fact that it has SPF 12 in it... I know its not a lot but it is better than nothing right?

2) Blush: Unfortunately, I ran out of this product last fall and didn't repurchase it yet, so this post just reminded me to get on that.  I know that MAC's Cremeblend Blush is "Ladyblush" is extremely popular and raved about but it IS for a reason.  In the summer you want to stay away from powder so this blush just gives you a natural flush and looks great plus it won't sweat off.

3) Nail Polish: Recently, I got into pinks.  For awhile now they just weren't a pretty colour to me but now I'm loving them because hot pink and coral go great with my skin tone.  So, I've been loving OPI's Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot!  I got it recently for about $6 and it was completely worth it.  Unfortunately it saw part of the "South Beach" collection but if I find another I will host a giveaway for it.  I also love the smooth application of it, every time I apply it I feel it just gives the best flawless look.  So this hot pink colour will be well worn this summer.

OPI Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot! with Silver Shatter Top Coat

4) Liquid face product: CoverGirl's Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer is my pick for Summer because it is waterproof!  Waterproof in the summer is a BIG must!  I love going swimming in the Summer and one of my best friend has a pool in her yard so we're always swimming.  Also, since it is a tinted moisturizer it will give you a light natural feel.  If anyone knows if the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is waterproof please let me know!  This is great plus it hydrates your skin.

5) Powder face product: I love using my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural year-round but in the Summer it comes in handy!  I love this lightweight feel it gives and summer is all about feeling fresh-faced with barely there make-up.  This absorbs oil although I do not use it to blot throughout the day I just use my Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets.

6) Hair product: Oddly enough this product was not included in my previous blog post about my favourite hair products.  I guess it is because I use it only in summer for an effortless look and I do not consider it an all-time favourite. However, Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Tousling Spray Gel is amazing for summer.  I just scrunch some of this into my hair and it gives me nice beachy waves.  try to stay away from heat styling in the summer!

7) Eye product: To begin with I do not wear eyeshadow too often so and I usually just wear eyeliner and mascara.  A summer must have is waterproof mascara and I always have one in my collection for rainy days or days I know my eye make-up will get wet.  My CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume will soon have to be thrown away and replaced with a new waterproof mascara. Any suggestions for waterproof lengthening mascara I tried some of the ones you told me about last time but do they come in the waterproof formula as well?

8) Self Tanner (or any tanning item): Since I am naturally tan I do not need any self-tanning products.  Thank-you lord.  I have been told by many make-up artists at MAC, Sephora or any other make-up counters that I am blessed with perfectly tan skin, which I am not complaining about so I find no need to ruin my skin tone with fake tanners.  Instead I wanted to showcase a favourite of mine for summer. The Evian Facial Spray was my saviour when I was in Europe expecting cold weather when in reality it was really hot.  Spraying this can set your make-up and give you a refresh during the day without taking off your make-up.

9) Fashion accessory: I treasure my coral string bracelet with the rhinestone accents in the centre.  I wear this all the time but in the summer it just looks amazing.  My friend bought it for me and she means so much to me, love you babe!  It just gives you a beach vibe.  I think she got it at American Eagle but I can't be too sure and it was about a year back so good luck finding it!

10) Clothing piece:
I love crop tops and lucky for me they are IN for summer!  I can't wait to walk around in the cutest crop tops ever!  I only have 4 right now but I really want more and they are easy to make too!  I know some girls aren't so comfortable being in a crop top but there are tonnes of other trends to try. This crop top is super cute and from Urban Outfitters.  I got it for about $20 in the clearance section... cute right?

So that was all I had to say for this blog post I hoped you enjoyed and I will talk to you later!

xoxo, Taylor 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taylor's Favourites: Hair Products - Summer/Spring 2011

Hey y'all, for this post I decided to share with you some extra products I use to keep my  hair feeling soft and looking shiny and healthy! So this is a new series where I'll include monthly favourites, nail polish picks and anything that I consider a "favourite".  Sorry that some pictures are blurry.

 1: CHI Silk Infusion: The name of this product makes PERFECT sense in my opinion.  I use this before I use heat on my hair (only once- if I blow-dry then I use it before and that's it) then I use a really tiny bit after I'm done styling.  The first time I use it I use about a dime-sized amount but for the second time, I use half of that.

2. Moroccan Oil: This is probably my favourite hair product of all time!  This is basically an oil treatment for all hair types that makes it look and feel healthier, shinier and softer.  There are so many ways to use this product and I am on the last leg on my second one with a third one in my drawer.  By any means, it is not easy to go through a bottle but I have been using this for 2 years.

3. Experience Shine Serum: Sorry for the blurriness... anyway I only know of one salon that sells this in my town.  But I use this product after styling after the CHI Silk Infusion and before Moroccan Oil and I only use a quarter of a pump.  This just makes your hair soft and so shiny.  It is expensive for the size of it.  My first bottle of this was a gift from my ex-hairdresser, who was my favourite, he moved to a different province and he gave me this.

4. TRESemme Tres Mousse Extra Hold: I love this when I don't feel like doing my hair.  When it is wet after air-drying for a couple of minutes I put this in and scrunch it leave it in a bun, and sleep on it.  When I wake up it gives me really pretty waves.  I have to admit after a day it will leave your hair feeling heavy but then again I haven't used a mousse that hasn't.

5. TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost Split Ender Mender: Basically, this is a leave-in conditioner that helps heal your split ends.  I'm not going to lie, I got this as a gift but it was a promotion when you bought a Bed Head shampoo and conditioner (which I did not like).  Normally, it would cost around $20.  This smells amazing and I focus this along this ends of my hair.  I get out of the shower and when my hair is soaking wet I apply this then dry it.

6. Cortex Hair Serum: This product I only use once a month after I straighten my hair before the CHI Silk Infusion.  I got this maybe 3 years ago with my first straightener.  I honestly don't know if it was a gift or not but something is telling me it wasn't.  This is amazing for taking away frizz on your hair which is the main reason I use it.  It also helps with detangling. 

7. got2b Guardian Angel Gloss Finish Blow Dry Lotion: This is my favourite heat protectant.  I use this before applying any heat, usually when I blow dry though.  I use the TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray sometimes too but I feel like this one better protects against my GHD.

So, those are my favourite hair products for now and y'all know I will update it in a couple of months.  Hope you enjoyed.  Oh, thank-you all for following, I am 4 away from my goal of 50.  Thank-you once again, it means so much to me.

xoxo, Taylor <3

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tips And Tricks: Hair Mistakes & Ways To Prevent Them

Hey y'all so, I have had a real problem with my hair in the last 2 months, so bad that my stylist made me stop using my hair straightener. Anyway, lately my hair has come back to life using a few tips and tricks my hair stylist has taught me!

1. Taking Too Long To Get Your Next Cut/Trim: I used to do this ALL the time!  I would get my hair cut then wait 6 months later to get it re-cut!  Problem: well, if you LOVE your cut at the moment it will be harder for your stylist to re-shape it and even though you might think "the less I get it cut, the longer it will grow", the complete opposite happens... the longer you wait the more your ends split, resulting in more hair to cut so to prevent this, trim your hair about every six weeks.

2. Washing Your Hair Every Single Day: I'm pretty sure a lot of you know this already but when you wash your hair every day, it might feel refreshing but it strips your hair of oils resulting in dry, limp hair that no one wants.  So, try to wash it every other day and if you can go longer than that, well go for it just please try to wash your hair at least once a week.

3. Blow-Drying Your Hair At The Highest Heat Setting: The heat of your dryer doesn't give you the smoothest hair, it's actually the air that comes out.  When it is on the highest, it will dry faster but it fries and frizzes your hair a lot more.  Try using the lower settings, although it may take longer it is better for your hair!

4. Brushing Your Hair When It's Wet: This is a very common tip, but it is an important one.  If you have to use a wide tooth comb to get out tangles but if you're planning on styling your hair doesn't adapt until its 80% dry anyway, so just wait it out.  Brushing your hair when its wet leads to the breakage of your hair since it is at its most vulnerable and weakest at this time.

5. Mixing Hair Sprays With Heating Tools: I was not aware of this one until my stylist told me, however I barely use hairspray anyways.  When you spray your hair while its on your iron (curling/straightening) it begins to fry!  That nasty sound you hear when you do this or iron your hair while it's wet IS your hair frying.  When the alcohol from your hairspray meets the heat of your iron it begins to burn.  Use a heat protector to style and then after you can use your hairspray to lock it in.

6. Using Too Much Moisture Products: It is appealing when your have dry hair to pick out an "ultra-hydrating" product but using too much can actually weigh your hair down... a lot! Instead of putting a whole handful of the product on your head, use just a dab so it moisturizes but doesn't weigh down.

7. Dyeing Your Hair All-Over For A Root Touch-Up: When touching up your roots you do NOT need to overlap your coloured strands with more colour.  Just apply it to your roots to avoid over-porcessed hair... eww.

8. Neglecting Your Bangs: Bangs affect your whole cut, so don't just hold them off until your next appointment, my stylist told me to go in every 3-4 weeks to get a shape-up.  Costly, right? WRONG!  Most saloons offer a complimentary bang cut, so you have nothing to lose.

So, there you have it 8 tips to keep your hair looking smooth, shiny and healthy.  If you have any other tips you would like to share or questions leave them down in the comments section!  Hope this helped!

xoxo, Taylor <3

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's In My Make-Up Travel Bag: May 11, 2011

Hey girls!  So, I am going to the cottage this weekend and I already packed my make-up so I thought I might as well make a blog post out of it!  Keep in mind I am only going for the weekend, so I did not pack that much stuff.  If you were wondering what make-up bag I bring, I use the waffle weave bag from Elle and Blair's online store! I got it before the new site and it is turquoise with the polka dot ribbon with black block font (the same font as Elle's) and it says taylor - with all lower case letters.  Anyway, it is my favourite make-up bag and I love so what's inside? 

The first few things you'll find in there is my primer which is the Bare Minerals Prime Time Oil-Control Primer, which I adore! My MAC 188 duo-fibre brush to apply my favourite foundation at the moment.  That foundation would be the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Skin Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15.

 The next item I dug up is my bareMinerals i.d. Full Flawless Face Brush to buss in my setting powder MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark (summer shade).  Then I have my Cover Fx Total Coverage Foundation SPF 30 which I use as a concealer and I apply that with my fingers of my bareMinerals i.d Light Stroke brush.

Then I have my favourite blush, which was limited edition.  It is from the Venomous Villains Collection from the Cruella De Vil line called "Her Own Devices".  It is a beauty powder which explains the compact and mirror!  On top of that is my pink Clinique blush brush!

Then, I have my much loved Naked Palette. Along side it is my mini Urban Decay Primer Potion which I have fallen in love with and the Urban Decay Shadow brush.  I also have my MAC 217, 219 and 239 brushes.

You can never skip out on the mascara, for this trip I chose to bring my Maybelline One by One mascara along with my Shu Uemera eye lash curler, which I love!

I LOVE eyeliner, and my favourite is the MAC Blacktrack Fluidline, and to apply that I use a thin brush, mine is the MAC 210 brush!

Lip products are tricky to pack, so I just packed a MAC lipstick in "Angel", my EOS lip balm, my NARS double-sided lip gloss in "Dolce Vita" and "Sweet Dreams" and lastly my Covergirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in "Tulip".
 As for kind of non-make up products I bring my Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer, Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avacado and my 100 pack MAC make up wipes!

There is one more product I did not include because I wanted to dedicate a blog post just for it, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for it! So, that is what I pack in my Make Up Travel Bag, I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful!

xoxo, Taylor