Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My New Obsession: Lauren Conrad's New Website

Hi everyone,

If you've been a follower of my blog for awhile, you know what "My New Obsessions" are.  They are basically blog posts where I tell you a new website I've been loving for awhile.  Today, I'm featuring  The same people made, if you love that website, go check out LC's.  If you are already a member of Elle and Blair, you use the same account on Lauren's since they are both EQAL partners.  

Lauren's website has amazing features and for beauty girls the "Primp" section is amazing, giving a bunch of tips and tricks for make-up and hair.  The Beauty Department always does posts all the time.  Amy Nadine, Lauren's make-up artist is part of The Beauty Department and they have a YouTube Channel.

Overall, I think this website is great, from the wear section, to the decorate section.  Plus LC is very interactive on it.  She's also having an amazing giveaway for her beauty bag essentials  which includes a Henri Bendel make-up bag, Chanel bronzer, NARS blush and amazing high end products.

Have fun on LC's new site!

Taylor, xoxo.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How To: Make Your Own Dotting Tool

Hey girls,

Lately, I've been wanting a dotting tool but I've never seen them at Sally's or BSO's so I have been watching different nail tutorials where people substitute a dotting tool for household materials!  I love this idea so I thought I would share a few of these things with you.

1. Toothpick

The toothpick is the most commonly used one! I can see why, its easy to use, cheap and disposable.  However, with a toothpick, be prepared to get really small dots!

2. Ballpoint Pen

This is my favourite one to use.  It is so comfortable (with the right pen) and gives you so much control.  Try using one that has run out of ink so the ink doesn't come out but it will work with one with ink anyway.

3. Bobby Pin

The point on a bobby pin comes in all shapes and sizes so you can have a bunch of dotting tools.  I'm sure all of us have a bobby pin in our room so why not use it for nails?  Just remember to bend your bobby pin before you use it!

I hope I have helped you out with this post.  There you have it 3 alternatives to a dotting tool that can be found right in your household.  I hoped you enjoyed reading this and have a wonderful day/night!

Monday, June 27, 2011

How To: Lauren Conrad Waves

Hey Girls,

As most of us know, hair is a big deal to girls!  We obsess over it and we are constantly trying to change it up.  Lauren Conrad has one of the most wanted loose waves in all of Hollywood.  I personally love her so much and I could not be happier to share this with you from my "Lauren Conrad Style" book.

Materials Needed:
-Protective Serum or Argon Oil
- 1" Curling Iron (Lauren uses one from Hot Tools)
- Light Hold Spray
- Comb

1) Work a bit of your serum into the ends of your hair, if you want you can spray heat protectant on your hair.
2) Using your curling iron, curl your hair away from your face.
3) Comb through the curls to loosen them up and look more LC.
4) Finish with your hairspray.

Taylor, xoxo

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: June 26, 2011

Hey girls,

I decided to do another OOTD post, since they are easy to do and give you a taste of my style.  This look is very plain and casual as I was just going to dinner at my cousin's house.  It was hot out today as well!  I hope you enjoy my outfit!

As you can see, my outfit really isn't anything special!  It's so casual and is really easy to duplicate but the simplicity makes this a great outfit!

As you can tell I have a bright blue tank top under my grey top!  The bright blue tank top is to add a pop of colour to this really neutral-toned outfit without going overboard, it's from Garage.  My top has some really hard to describe detailing under the bust.  It is a heather grey v-neck but the unexpected knot adds some interest.  I got in from Abercrombie.

WHITE SHORTS!  I love white shorts but they are really hard to keep clean.  I'm actually pretty good with white shorts!  Little tip: always carry Tide-To-Go when you're wearing them, it can be a life saver.  I got this pair from Abercrombie a few years back.

Make fun of my shoes all you want but they are the comfiest shoes in the entire world!  They are plain black and look like "chinese grandpa shoes, karate shoes etc." as my family describes them.  These are called Toms and are super in where I live.  I got mine at Aritzia.... yesterday!  Oh, I also got my feather extension too.  My town finally got them in 3 days ago.

I straigtened my hair once again this week since I got my feather extension.  To get my hair out of my face I added this head band which I bought at J-Crew in the USA.  I love the simple beading detail and coil detail.


My nails are definitely the boldest part of my outfit.  They are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Laced Up.  I love the effect so much, I can't buy them often since they are quite expensive for a regular basis but for special occasions where I don't want to get my nails done at a salon I'll definitely go out and buy these.  Do you like them?

So that was my really plain, boring outfit for today.  I hope you all enjoyed this post.  A little update, I guess the government read my last blog post because Canada Post is not on strike anymore and I can ship the prizes right as the giveaway ends.

Taylor, xoxo.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Haul: June 24, 2011 - Abercrombie & Fitch, Forever 21 and Nail Polish

tHey girls,

So.... I went shopping.... again.  I think I have a problem, I swear my mom has been so thoughtful going to Abercrombie a lot recently to buy me clothes.  She just buys them for me out of the kindness of her heart.

A little tip with A&F, shop at the kids' section for as long as you can!  They have the same clothes for much cheaper without compromising the quality.

The "Belle" top is the first thing my mom got me and it is super cute!  It has the nautical look because of the stripes but there are flowers at the top to add something special!  This would look so cute under jean shorts and it was only $11!

The next item is known as the "Amy", I have been obsessed with the colour yellow lately for some odd reason.  It still isn't my favourite colour but I love it more now then ever!  Once again the flowers of different shapes and textures dress this tank up.

These are the "Harley" shorts.  I love A&F's short shorts to just lounge around in and under the right top you can wear them out!  They are so comfy and don't look trashy.  I got these for $8.

The next shorts are the "Tristen" shorts.  They are of longer length and mine are in grey not navy but this is all the website had.  Again, these shorts are amazing to just chill in around the house.  They were $8 too.

This shirt is super pretty but I couldn't find it on the A&F website.  It is navy blue and unfortunately you can't see all the stunning detail.  Each ruffle is a different lace material and print!  It gives you so much pattern and texture but the neutral colour balances it all out.

Once again I couldn't find this shirt on the website.  There was similar ones but they weren't the same.  This is a sheer floral blouse which is kind of different in a good way for A&F.  It looks so cute with denim shorts since it is synched at the bottom.

Yea, I got another one.... in a really pretty light blue with pastel pink flowers.  You can see the detailing way better on it.  It has ruffles going down the centre and it has synced sleeves as well.  It just screams summer for the price of $12.

At Forever 21, I bought this bag for those days where I want to carry minimal things.  It is very Chanel-esque which is what I was going for.  It is grey and quilted.  The strap is long and has fabric and chains.  It is perfect for a night out.  It surprisingly fits a lot for its tiny figure.  It is called the "Small Matelassé Hangbag" and was on the more expensive side for Forever 21.

I got a swim suit at Forever 21 too.  The top is just a plain string bikini in a pinky-corally colour which would look gorgeous with my naturally tanned skin for $5.

The bottom is very plain and simple as well but it would be great to mix and match with other swim suits and the bold colour makes it looks 10 times better.

NOW ON TO THE NAIL POLISH! WHOOO! Okay so, I went a bit over board with the nail polish.  It is my first time purchasing Wet n Wild nail colours and I know they are cheap but they are all gorgeous colours for the summer.

The first thing has been receiving lots of hype lately for the easy to use application and cool effects.  I bought the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in the design "Laced Up".  I heard you have to use them right away so I will be using them tonight and I might do a product review.  I always loved lace nails but I could never get them right so hopefully they look good on.

I got this Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Colour in "Whirlwind White" because the white I have (Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Colour in "White On") looks like white-out on my nails.  In fact, people actually told me that so I decided to pick up a better quality one that wasn't OPI or China Glaze.

I kind of don't like this certain line from Sally Hansen but the colour was too pretty to pass up!  The picture does not at all do it justice!  It resembles Sephora By OPI's "Mermaid to Order" but this was only $3.  The colour is "Marine Scene" and as predicted it is sheer but easy to build up to a blue with green duo chrome!

It is my first time buying Wet N Wild nail polish or anything!  I did go a bit crazy when I saw the price... anyway this gorgeous colour is called "Caribbean Frost" it might look like "Marine Scene" but it looks more like Essie's "Trophy Wife".  The main difference between this one and "Marine Scene" is that this one is more green.

This colour is more hot pink in person but this was the best picture I could find.  It's called "Dreamy Poppy" and it's practically neon pink.  Where I live, China Glaze is really hard to find so I can't really get one of their neon pinks for now.  I'll just settle for this until I find one.

I am in love with this colour!   It is called "Blazed" and it is pretty much a hot pink coral.... if that even makes sense!  I swatched it on a colour wheel and it is a bit sheer but the colour itself is amazing and I will look great on!  Imagine that F21 bathing suit as a nail polish and you would get this!

I got 2 packs of Marcelle Face Cleansing Cloths for the price of one (BOGO).  I was running low on my make-up wipes and have been trying out alternatives to my beloved and expensive MAC wipes.  It comes in a pack of 25, and I know "TAY THIS IS BORING MOVE ON!"

So that is ALL I bought!  As for my 50 follower giveaway, I don't know when I can ship it, it is still open, but the postal service in Canada is on strike so I will try to ship it ASAP once the giveaway is over.  I just thought I should let you know.  DON'T FORGET TO ENTER!  Leave me comments on any future blog posts you would like to see from me!

Taylor, xoxo. <3

Friday, June 17, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: June 17, 2011

Hey fellow bloggies,

So, today I did my first ever outfit of the day and I am super excited to share with you all.  Let me know if you like these kind of posts and if you like my outfit.  If you like these kinds of posts eventually I could do a whole fashion video for the different seasons.  Let's get started.  My outfit is very summery with a really light crop top and bandeau with short shorts, a bunch of bracelets, bright nails and black gladiator shoes.

My Outfit, minus the shoes

My top is this grey and white striped crop top which I got a Garage.  Yes, this was featured in one of my hauls.  It was only $12.

My favourite part of this top would probably be the sleeves because they're lace!  Under the top I'm wearing an aqua coloured bandeau also from Garage and was featured in the same haul.

My shorts are from H&M and they actually come with a brown tie belt which I removed from it for this outfit.  They are my denim short shorts and they are distressed at the bottom.  They are also darker at the bottom with sime detailed stitching... there's a lot of pickets in these shorts too!  I bought them in Paris across the street from "Galleries de La Fayette".

As for accessories I have my "FAITH" Jac Vanek bracelet, which I bought on last year.  I also have this green detailed bangle, unfortunately I have no idea where I got it.  Then I have this beaded type bracelet which I bought in the States I believe.  Lastly, I have my evil eye bracelet which is said to bring me good luck.  I bought that at a local boutique, but you can find them anywhere.

On my nails I have my favourite nail polish colour right now!  It's Essie's Click It Or Ticket! and I am in love with this hot-pink-coral-orange colour.  I do think it was limited editions since I got it for $5.

Then for shoes, I wore my H&M black gladiators which were also in a haul.  These are super comfy by the way and way cheap!

So, that is my outfit of the day!  If you were wondering I just straightened my hair and wore my everyday make-up which I will do a blog post about soon!

Hope you enjoyed.

Taylor. xoxo. <3

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tag: Born This Way

I thought the message behind this tag was amazing, and a self-esteem booster.  Also, it shows that all girls have their imperfections.  If you don't already know what this tag is, it is basically a tag where you tell people/write down some streotypes about yourself and what people label you as (in a negative way) then on the other side of the paper (if you're writing it) you write the positive version and why you are happy with what you are.


One thing people always used to tell me (especially some rude guys) was that I am skinny.  It made me feel terrible and like I wasn't good enough.  I know skinny can be used as a good term but I always associated it with anorexia, especially when you get teased about it.

In reality I am.... FIT

I get meet the requirements for my daily food intake but I know how to keep the pounds off. As I mentioned before I dance and practically every day I am in the studio for hours.  In the summer, I swim a lot too, so I am active there.  I also have a very fast acting metabolism and am naturally skinny.  When I say skinny I mean I am a size 0-2, not too skinny.


All my friends tend to call me a nerd (in a loving way) even people who don't know me call me nerd because I tend to work really hard in school.  I actually do want to make honour roll and I have a very good chance in doing so.  I get really devastated when I get less that a 75 because I know I could have worked harder (unless it's math).  Yea, I'm a nerd and I love it!

But I'm actually.... SMART

I always will be and still am smart.  I know what I'm doing and I tend to pick things up really easily.  I get good marks but one thing I'll never do is make people envious of me.  I like knowing that I can go into an exam without studying and still end up with my mark being an 80.  I'm smart, and proud.


I actually think being weird is a good thing.  Although it can be used as an insult.  Anyway, people think I'm weird.  I'll do things that no one else would think of, I'll say the randomest things at the most awkward times because I wasn't paying attention.  I'll make weird faces in photos and everyone will laugh, but that's just me.

I really am... DIFFERENT

I'm original and creative.  One of my best friend's favourite quotes is "You were born an original, don't die a copy".  Let your full personality shine through when you meet someone.  Dance in the middle of the street, have a water fight at your school's carnival with all of your friends.  Live your life to the fullest, do the craziest things and love every minute of it!


Some people may say I'm a bit pushy.  I can be when I want to do something I'll try so hard to get other people to do it with me.  If there's a new rollarcoaster I'll try to get my friend that is scared the most to ride it with me.  I like to challenge people and some people don't always like that.

But really I consider myself.... FEARLESS

I think I'm fearless.  I can go out and try the craziest things, and be perfectly fine with it.  One thing that is fearless that happens all the time in my life is dating a guy.  I thinking dating is fearless because even after heartbreak to put yourself through some things even though you've been hurt before takes guts.  Smiling when you're down takes a lot of courage.  Fearlessness is about not letting anything get you down.


This is probably my biggest pet peeve.  There is such a negative connotation with being rich which annoys me.  I am not rich, and I do have a lot of things but that doesn't mean I'm not grateful for it and that certainly doesn't mean I am spoiled.

I am truly... BLESSED

I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to have all the things I have.  Even the simplest can mean the world to someone.  A pencil can mean so much to someone struggling in a third world country.  i am blessed to have everything and all the people in my life that love and care for me so much.  I'm not rich or spoiled, but I'm blessed!


I am considered "popular" at my school.  I have a lot of popular friends and the people I hang out with on a regular basis are popular people.  I hate being called popular because of all the down stereotypical things it means in our society.  If you're popular, you're mean.  If you're popular, you think you're better than everyone else.  I'm not like that and no one I know is like that.

Realistically I'm..... FRIENDLY

I am social, and if I'm in a class where I know one person, like in my french class, I end having the entire class as my friends.  In my french class I only knew one person really well.  We would barely talk though, but then I got into it and I met new people and that has become one of my favourite classes.  Just open yourself up to people and act yourself.

So, that was the Born This Way tag, I hope you all do this tag!  I TAG ALL OF YOU!  Put it in the comments below, write a whole blog post about it or make a video!   Just do this tag!  I hope you all enjoyed!

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xoxo, Taylor

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taylor's Favourites: Skincare Products Summer 2011

Hey y'all.  I know you can't see my skin but I do have pretty clear skin... on my face as for my back, I am on a new system which if you want, I will talk about on another blog post.  As for my face, I used to have way more acne 2 years ago but ever since I went to my dermatologists my skin has been amazing.

My Face Wash:

My cleanser is called pHisoHex.  It contains hexachlorophene (3%) and is an anti-bacterial subsiding emulsion.  To be perfectly honest, no 15 year old knows what that means.  So my dermatologist explained what it does to me.  It basically removes all your bacteria from your skin and the cumulative bacteriostatic action helps to prevent its growth.  At first, I was not a fan of the smell it kind of smelled like Fresh Soy Cleanser.  It does not linger on your skin whatsoever and after 1-2 weeks you get used to it.  I use this once a day, usually at night.

Spot Treatment:

My spot treatment is also perspiration and is called Differin. It is an adapelene, and I have no idea what that means either but my wonderful dermatologist explained this product to me as well.  When "Differin" is absorbed into your skin it begins to normalize the skin cells that clog your pores (and create acne).  Besides treating your pimples it is also used to prevent acne which is so important.  I put this on right before I go to bed and let it dry.

Facial Moisturizer:

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer is suitable for all skin types.  I love this moisturizer because it absorbs really fast and doesn't give you a heavy feeling.  I love the fact that you only need a little bit and it lasts forever.  It also moisturizes your skin really well.  I use this right before I apply my make-up so it moisturizes throughout the day.

Eye Cream:

Caudalie's Pulpe Vitaminee Eye And Lip Cream is meant for people with sensitive skin. You literally need the tiniest amount of this and it goes a long way.  It is quite expensive for only 15mL of product but it can last probably a year or more.  This is my miracle product and it is so effective yet gentle.  I apply it with my ring finger (since it has the softest pressure point) after my facial moisturizer in the morning and before bed.  You can find this at Sephora.

Make-Up Remover:
MAC Make-Up Removing Wipes are my favourite make-up removers because you can buy them in bulk and you can Back To MAC them.  Not only that but they do their job.  If you want clear skin make sure you take off all your make-up to ensure that you do not clog your pores.  I also use this everyday to clean my gel-liner brush.  These are so quick and easy to use.  I use this every time I need to take off my make-up.

Eye Make-Up Remover:

I use the Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover.  If you look back on my first blog post, I used the MUFE Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser.  I just ran out of that last week and ever since I've been using this.  I have to day the Clinique one is gentler and does not leave any film, which I always look for.  It removes waterproof make-up too.  I got mine at Sephora.

So, this is my skincare routine at the moment.   I hope you all enjoy and have a chance to check out these amazing products.

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xoxo, Taylor <3