Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Questionnaire: February 28, 2011

Tyler Medeiros (my new obsession lately)

1.) Mood: 
Stressed and lazy (I really don't feel like doing math at the moment - I have my own problems) (yea, that was really dumb of me to say :P)

2.) Do you take vitamins every day?
No, but right now I take NyQuil ( I am very sick)!

3.) Do you prefer sweet (chocolate/sugar) or salty (chips, etc.) type snacks?
Hmm... I'm not sure. I really love chips and pretzels but I am in love with chocolate - tough call.

4.) Current nail polish:
OPI's Samoan Sand (on the search for a good nude- I'm thinking OPI's San-tantonio)

5.) What color are the walls of your bedroom?
This purple-blue colour but I am planning on painting them a similar colour to Essie's nail polish in "Mint Candy Apple"

6.) Do you like to cook at home or are you more of a take-out person?
I actually love cooking at home but when you are tired... take-out is the way to go! But no McDonald's! YUCK!

7.) Current outfit?
My pyjamas... as always. A three quarter leave baseball style aero sleep t-shirt and some blue striped aero pants

8.) What is your favorite television program?
Hmm... Vampire Diaries, Jersey Shore, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Smallville, Hawaii Five-0, gLee, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, How I Met Your Mother etc.

9.) Can you do a cartwheel?
YES! I'm a dancer so it's like asking me if I can breathe!

10.) Weekly goals:

Feel better, get good grades, finish some books and not kill my math book!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beauty Wishlist: February 14, 2011

1. Burberry Nova Check Portrait Tote Bag: AHHH! I'm going to Europe in April and I really want a tote, I was thinking more Vera Bradley but my mom was thinking otherwise.  We were in Holt Renfrew when I saw a Marc Jacobs Hilliar Bag for $550.00 after walking through a few more bags I spotted this bag for $575.00 and there is a chance I might get it, fingers crossed!

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette: I know, I know I am super slow on this! I have been seeing videos about this again and I really want it.  I stepped into my Sephora recently and they were sold out, however there was a display out and now I am sure I want it!

3. Benefit Bella Bamba Blush: There has been a lot of hype over Benefit's latest boxed powder. When I went into Sephora they had them but I thought it was REALLY bright.  My friend bought it and wears it everyday and it looks great on her.  She has changed my mind... if only it was sooner!

4. YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15: I've heard so much amazing things about these lipsticks and how moisturizing.  I really really want it! At my Sephora I couldn't find the YSL section so I ended up getting nothing on that trip to Sephora.

5. Vera Wang Princess Perfume: I am a HUGE perfume collector and I have had my eye on Vera Wang's Princess ever since Christmas.  Every time I see it I have to spray it.  Its definitely up my alley, it has a bunch of fruit plus....CHOCOLATE! I'm thinking about just getting the rollerball at the moment and if I finish it I'll get the full sized version.  After all I have over 20 perfumes and I really only use 2 sometimes 3.

6. Benefit Feelin' Cheeky! Minis: This trip exclusively at Sephora, just came out! It has Posietint, Benetint and High Beam!  This is an amazing deal for about $15.  I do not know how big they will be, but they look so cute and convient. Always look for Benefit's deal on Sephora's Website

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Questionnaire: February 14, 2011

The Burberry Tote I really want, Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

1.) Mood: 
Happy, relaxed and excited because I'm going to Europe (or as I like to call it Europa) in April and to get "prepared" my mom might buy me a Burberry bag 

2.) Relationship status: Single, In a Relationship, or Complicated?
Complicated, definitely complicated....
the guy

 3.) How old were you when you had your first kiss?
14 years old, which is a good age considering I'm not known as "the girl who macks everyone" at school.

4.) Current nail polish:
OPI's Wild West Wild Berries and On my Ring Finger I put OPI's Extra-va-vaganza on top.

5.) Do you like Valentine's Day?
Mutual, its a day for to show the your love one's you really care and treat your "significant other" like a princess or a prince.  It just sets an example of what you should do every day of your life.

6.) Describe your perfect date.
Outside near a campfire on the beach with guy I love holding me while I sit in his lap looking terrible but him not caring.  I always imagine myself in a grey pullover hoodie and denim short shorts with my hair in beachy waves and no shoes on just laying down and watching the stars while eating chocolate.

7.) Current outfit:
My pyjamas, a medium blue plain tank top with a v-neck t-shirt underneath and some blue plaid pyjama pants from PINK

8.) Do you like Sweetheart message candies?
YES! Its so cute, I got a few from friends today and it was one of the best parts of my day.

9.) Do you have any special plans for today?
Well... I'm editing a video quickly and then going to bed 

10.) Weekly goals:
To get farther in Little Big Planet 2 and clean my room for Wednesday (my friend's coming over)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Review and Swatches: Shiseido Lipsticks

While playing a family game, I recieved a set of Shiseido samples and I thought I would share 2 of the lipsticks I received.  One being Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in Pout (RS 326) and the other being a Perfect Rouge in Tourmaline (PK 307).
Both Shiseido Lipsticks without flash
Pout (left), Tourmaline(right)

I really like Tourmaline (PK 307) which reminds me a lot like MAC's Hue (which I did not photograph but got a swatch from Both are very creamy and shiny. The application is very smooth which is amazing. I love to pair Tourmaline (PK 307) with a limited edition MAC tricolour lipglass in "Simply Delicious", which I failed to photograph.

Tourmaline (PK 309) 
Hue Lipstick
Pout (RS 326) reminded me of Rimmel London's Moisture Renew Lipstick in 180 Vintage Pink which I happened to find and photograph (finally)!  Pout (RS 326) is more sheer than Tourmaline (PK 307) hence the name "Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer"!  Also, it is very hydrating and has a great staying power. Nonetheless, it is still creamy!

Pout (RS 326)
Rimmel London Vintage Pink (180)
Rimmel London Vintage Pink (left), Pout (RS 326) (right)

Overall, I would purchase the full size but the samples are descent sized which of course is a major PLUS! A full size Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer (4g) and a full size Perfect Rouge (4g) are both $30 CAD
Both Lipsticks with flash

Review: MAKE UP FOREVER Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser

As my first blog post I decided to write about a make-up remover I have been using for about 2-3 months.  This MUFE eye make-up remover is ideal for people with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers (which I am).  After having a terrible drying experience with a previous make-up remover, my mom swung by Sephora and asked for the best sensitive eye remover and my loyal Sephora salesman pointed her in the direction of this one. The packaging is very nice, with a twist pump, meaning you turn the pump to allow the creamy formula to come out.  Although, the packaging is small and compact, it contains 100 mL of this product.  i have to admit though, within the first week I accidentally broke the pump, don't worry it still works though.  This is a mineral oil-free make-up remover for not only the eyes BUT for the lips as well!

The bottle looks like this with the pump open.
As it says on the bottle the product is perfume free and alcohol free.  Also, it is dermatologist and optalmologist tested.  As all MUFE this make-up remover is made in the wonderful  country of France.

As you can see, the label says all the things I mentioned, minus the dermatologist tested part (
This is no ordinary make-up remover! The first thing I noticed was very new to me.  Instead of being the usual liquid consistency it is a "gel" but to me it feels more like a liquidy cream. This unique formula is very gentle yet effective and quickly removes the toughest gel liner.
The product on the pump tube.

As you can see, this is why I consider it a "liquidy cream"
As a test, I drew a line on my hand with Revlon ColorStay's Liquid Eye Pen, which is a long-lasting felt-tip liquid liner.  Here are some pictures to show the results.

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen on my hand.

MUFE eye make up remover was left on half my hand for 45 seconds .

With one wipe, this is how it came off (with some left over product) .

As you can very well see, the make up remover did work very effective and when taking off my everyday eye make-up, it takes me 2 or less cotton balls or cotton pads!  The downside is the very hefty price, $28 CAD., $23 AMER.!  Also, it does occasionally leave some film on my contacts.  However, it is non-greasy, gentle, skin-soothing, and easy to use! I will be buying this again, because although it is expensive, it does last a long time.  In addition, this is exclusively sold at Sephora.

Leave a comment on other make-up removers and give me some advice and hopefully compliments on my blog post.  Also, please leave me some other products to review!