Friday, May 24, 2013



I am super excited to be writing this post as I never tell you about the concerts I go to since this has been a strictly beauty blog until recently.  Anyways, on Thursday May 16, 2013 I went to a Vampire Weekend concert because I am in love with Ezra Koenig.  He is such a babe and I can go on forever about how much I love him, it's actually bringing tears to my eyes.

So we got to the venue and waited for a few of my friends to come as well.  There was 7 of us excluding me who were going to the concert however we bought tickets separately so different groups had different seats.  I am pleased to announce we were the closest to the stage HYFR.  

Then we went inside to watch the opening act the High Highs and they were absolutely amazing.  They're from Sydney, Australia and they have an ultra chill vibe.  They are so good live and I would fot sure recommend checking them out.  I actually got to meet the High Highs after and they signed by ticket.
The signed ticket
Olli and Jack from the High Highs -- it's super blurry  
After that we went back in the theatre for intermission.  Then we saw two strangely familiar looking guys.  Me and my friends realized who it was and yelled out one of their names and he looked at us and waved.  Then we creepily followed them to their seats and asked for a picture with one of them.  I am talking about Joffrey Lupul from the Toronto Maple Leafs who was with Kostka.

After that we went back to our seat and the concert started.  It was one of the best concerts of my life.  Vampire Weekend sounds absolutely amazing live and there music makes you feel so good.  I just really love Ezra Koenig to conclude.  I've attached some pictures and a video of the Oxford Comma performance since it's my favourite VW song and the one I was going to upload failed.

It was one of the best concerts I've been to and I can't wait to share more of my concert experiences with you guys.  I love you guys so much but I will probably always love Ezra a tiny bit more.  Thanks for reading and let me know your opinion on VW ( it better be good)!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Favourite Summer Nail Polishes

Hey guys,

So as I'm working on a personal post I thought I would do a little beauty post for you.  I have this deep routed obsession with nail polishes and my friend's older sister actually runs a hugely popular nail blog called Precious Polish.  If you don't read Brittney's blog already, you should because she is insanely talented and doing my nails in the summer!  Anyways, these are my picks for Summer (in alphabetical order).

The first one is Essie's Ballet Slippers which is just a super pale pink nude colour.  It's really pretty and subtle and keeps your nails looking clean, fresh and classic really.  The only thing is this polish is super thin so you might need several coats of it.

Secondly, there's Wet n Wild's Blazed.  This is a bright coral pink colour which is super flattering when you're tanned.  I feel like it's a colour that would suit a lot of skin tones and it's super cheap and the quality is great.

Next is China Glaze's Custom Kicks.  This is a blue colour but as you can see in the close up it has really pretty green shimmers that make it different from any blue.  This is super bright and really pretty.

Wet n Wild's Lady Luck is a berry pink colour with purple shimmer throughout.  I love this colour for my toes and I think it would suit a wide range of skintones.  Wet n Wild Wild Shines are really good quality and about $4 so pick a bunch up when you go to Wal Mart or something.

Mint Candy Apple by Essie is a great pale version of robin egg blue.  It reminds me of the bluer version of For Audrey by China Glaze (which is not included in this because it looks terrible on me).  It's really pretty however, it suits paler skin tones better.

Miss World by SpaRitual is my favourite pink I own.  It's a good medium pink colour with gold shimmers in it.  It looks so pretty on and whenever I dont know what to paint my nails I always opt for this colour.

This is probably my favourite colour I own.  Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue is a beautiful blue and it looks amazing with a tan.  I am literally in love with this colour and I am so glad it's summer so I can start wearing it again.  

Rage by Orly is a great metallic rose gold colour.  It has silver shimmers in it and it looks so pretty on all skin tones.  Orly just has a great selection of metallics and neons in general!

China Glaze's Re-Fresh Mint is a beautiful creme mint green colour.  This colour just reminds me of Spring and Easter.  I do believe this colour looks better on lighter skin tones however.

As for neons, I chose to pick my favourite neon pink by China Glaze called Rose Among Thorns.  I like topping this with China Glaze's 108 Degrees which is a bright pink with shimmer.  To make this colour really bright apply a white base first and it will look like your nails are glowing.

Next is OPI's Royal Flush Blush which was from a limited edition collection.  Its my favourite coral colour because it's has this gorgeous gold undertone that makes my nails look so pretty.  If you can find this colour still, for sure buy it, it's one of my all time favourites.

I thought I would include a colour changing polish since it is almost Summer.  This is Ruby Wing's Sand Dune.  As you can see it's a coral colour that turns into a berry pink when it's exposed to the sun.

Lastly, the only turquoise that looks good on me - Turquoise & Caicos by Essie.  It's a bit darker than robin egg blue (Tiffany Blue) and it looks good on literally everybody.  The consistency is a bit thin (like most Essie polishes) so I usually do three coats.

So those are my favourite nail polishes of the Summer.  Let me know what new nail polishes I should pick up and which ones are you faves in the comments section.  Thank you so much for reading and I hoped you enjoyed x