Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tag: 20 Question Tag

TAG! You're it! If you're reading this please answer these questions in either the comments below or in your very own blog post or video!  If you do a blog post/ video answering these questions be sure to leave me the link in the comments!
The Shaytards... keep reading and you'll get it!

1. Sneakers or stilettos?
When I need to go somewhere fancy like a party then stilettos but on an everyday basis sneakers.

2. Calling or texting?

If it's really super important I call/ Skype (video) my friends but I really love texting/BBM-ing!

3. One word to describe your best friend.

Considerate- she is always looking out for me and always feels the need to include everyone. 

4. One thing most people can do that you totally can't? 

BLOW BUBBLE GUM BUBBLES!  I have tried since the age of 6 and I haven't succeeded the slightest bit once.

5. Hair: curly or straight?

Whenever I get a question like this I never understand what it means: naturally, I have curly hair but I usually straighten it.

6. Favorite outfit?

I'm not sure I have one either: Crop Top,  skinny jeans and leather jacket OR sweat pants/leggings, any random top, UGGS and a comfy sweater  OR skinny jeans, flats/heels and some random top

7. Jean cut?

SKINNY, for sure.

8. What is "your type"?

My "type" I'm not so sure, I really like cute, naturally tan guys who are funny and a bit athletic.  Kind of little boy next door.

9. Favorite fruit?

I love fruit! Strawberries, cherries, cantaloupes, honeydew and oranges

10. Lip stick or gloss?

I'm a lip balm type of gir, as boring as that sounds.

11. Makeup you feel you DON'T need?

Bronzer, I don't wear it and I don't think I need it.

12. Earrings: hoopy or studs?

I love both but I wear studs more, they are just more my style.

13. Hoodies or blazers?

I love both but I find myself reaching for a hoodie way more than a blazer.

14. Chic, Boho, Street, or Edgy?

A mix of chic and edgy.

15. Favorite junk food?

Chocolate, Chocolate cupcakes, Chocolate cake, Chips, Chocolate covered pretzels, cookies.... seeing a trend here?

16. Favorite Youtuber? 

Probably the SHAYTARDS I'm in the process of watching all their videos, check it out "Links In My Pants" High-five if you got it!

17. Most expensive line you shop?

Uhm, probably Tiffany & Co. or Burberry 

18. Weirdest item of clothing in your closet?

This sweater that feels like a carpet.

19. Mac, Sephora, or other?

Nordstrom? It sells MAC and some brands that carry Sephora (is that cheating?)

20. Describe your "dream guy."

Uhm, my boyfriend? Probably Tyler Medeiros or Taylor Lautner, love them both but that stay between us, my boyfriend doesn't have to know!  Actually he knows I'm obsessed with them.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday Questionnaire: March 28,2011

I am sooo silly! I wrote this yesterday but pressed 'save now' and not 'publish post'! I'm actually insane sometimes.  Oh well, enjoy this delayed monday questionnaire! Feel free to leave your responses down below!

1.) Mood:
Uhm, energetic!  I just came back from dance... woo hoo.

2.) When was the last time you bought an actual CD (not downloaded off of iTunes, but a physical disc)?
I'm pretty sure it was Eminem's Recovery!  But when I go to the mall, I'm going to get Femme Fetale! I'm a huge Britney fan!

3.) What sounds do you hear right at this very moment?
LMAO! juicystar07 (Blair) talking... and Ellen DeGeneres 

4.) Current nail polish:
Same as last week... so I don't know the name.

5.) Do you sleep with socks on?
No, it can actually give you WARTS! Eww! It's not good, but it's okay occasionally.

6.) I never go a day without ___________.
Dancing, texting/bbming and reading.

7.) Current outfit:
TNA Sweat pants, TNA Light blue/green tank top and my high school sweatshirt!

8.) What is your all time favorite lip gloss?
Laura Mercier's Opal!

9.)Where do you keep your cell phone at night?
I charge it every night.... but I put it on my keyboard (piano) which is next to my nightstand which is next to my bed. When it is fully charged, I put it under my pillow... how embarrassing. 

10.) Weekly goals:
Dance Dance Dance!  Read an Eclipse Novella and some other books, break my Tory Burch's in! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

How To: Make Your Own Sea Salt Spray

Hey bellas! What's up? So, for today I am teaching you how to make your own sea salt spray that WORKS! I know it works because I used it yesterday and got nice beachy waves that look natural, effortless and pretty!

If you don't know what sea salt spray is, it is used to create a beachy wave effect for your hair (consider it a natural version of crunching gel!) .  However I would choose sea salt spray over crunching gel and moose anyday now, I have all 3 and sea salt spray does not make your hair feel hard or heavy at all, in fact it's the opposite!  Now let's get on with it!

- 2 teaspoons (tsp.) of sea salt  (NOT TABLE SALT)
- 1 cup of boiling water

Pre-step: Create your boiling water, whether it's boiling the water with an actual boiler or warming bottled water for 3-5 minutes in the mocrowave

1) Take your sea salt and put it in the boiling water

2) Mix them until all sea salt is dissolved and not visible

3) Wait until the water cools down

4) Pour it into a spray bottle

** I know some people add things like deep conditioner and detangler to this (personally I don't because it makes your hair heavy) feel free to add whatever you like!

I hope this helped you and just a little tip - spray it on your hands when using it, to prevent using too much!

I hoped I helped you save money, as sea salt sprays can cost up to $50 now!

Anyway, have fun creating you sexy beachy waves!

xx, tayy

P.S. I am currently working on a review for the Tory Burch Flats, I am doing a day-by-day just so you know how they feel every step of the way!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Look For It: OPI Pirate Of The Caribbean Collection

The Collection!
So, with the newest addition to Disney's Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie coming out on May 20, 2011, OPI created a new collection for it!  The collection is set to be released on May 1, 2011! 


As for my opinion of the collection: I can't wait but it is not what I expected with a "pirate" theme.  When I first heard of the collection I was thinking more muddy and grungy with an occasional pop of colour (like a bright blue).  To my surprise and delight the colours are pretty much pastel (PERFECT FOR SPRING!).  I did a bit more research on the collection and Suzi Weiss-Fischmann (Executive VP and artistic director of OPI) said  "'The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' lacquers were inspired by a world filled with mythical mermaids, gleaming treasure and high-seas adventure. With shades ranging from sage and lavender to khaki gray and pastel pink, these colors are evocative of a warm, tropical setting, with a classic nautical influence." 


The colours are Mermaid's Tears, Stranger Tides, Planks A Lot, Sparrow Me The Drama, Skull and Glossbones, Steady As She Rose and Silver Shatter Top Coat!


I am super pumped about this collection (especially the Silver Shatter Top Coat)!

What are your favourites and would you buy it let alone wear it?

xx, tayy <3

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My All-Time Favourite Perfume!

I got this delightful perfume at the very beginning of September and have fell in love with it.  I went to New York on a mad hunt for this and found a 100mL bottle of it for $54.99.  Now, I have seen it everywhere which is a plus because that means more for me!  This perfume is Escada Moon Sparkle!!


I found out about this perfume in a rather weird way, I was at a sleepover at my best friend's house and we were watching a Taylor Swift live broadcast where she mentioned she "stole" Selena Gomez's scent "Escada Moon Sparkle".  So, after I went on a mad hunt to get this pefume and as I mentioned before I found it and fell in love.
Escada Moon Sparkle


Escada describes this scent as " A fruity floral fragrance, with sparkling strawberry and red apple notes. Top notes: strawberry, citrus cocktail, blackcurrant and red apple. Middle notes: sweet pea, jasmine, freesia, and rose. Base notes: raspberry, musky notes, dry ambery notes, and sandalwood" To sum that all up - it smells DELICIOUS!


Escada has a reputation with their perfumes smelling similar but something about Moon Sparkle sets it apart from the rest.  It smells similar to Escada Marine Groove but a bit more fruity, and I personally L.O.V.E fruity scents!!!


Basically, if you want to see what I smell like check out Escada Moon Sparkle, you'll love it I promise!  Oh, and a little side note they also have a men's version, which also smells AMAZING!
Escada Moon Sparkle Men (the name is VERY masculine!) 

xx, tayy <3

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Questionnaire: March 21,2011

If you are wondering where I get my questions, I get them off amarixe's blog. Click HERE to check it out, if you love her videos, you'll love her blog!  So let's get to the questions! You can do them too!

I got an iPad this week!!! :)

1.) Mood:
Sad, tomorrow I have school! My March Break is over!

2.) What is your favorite flower?
I am not a flowers girl by any means.  I have to say I do like roses because an old boyfriend asked me out by giving me roses.  It was so cute and sweet!

3.) What sound is the alarm you wake up to in the morning?
My dad screaming at me to get up?

4.) Current nail polish:
I'm not sure! I went to a salon and he used nail art colours to do mu nails so I actually don't know!

5.) Would you rather have a huge closet or a spacious bathroom (implying that the other would be tiny)?
Hmm... as hard as this question is I would have to say CLOSET! I don't really need a spacious bathroom although both would be amazing.

6.) If you could relive one year of your life, which would it be?
I'm not sure, the thing about me is I don't have a goon memory so... I kind of don't remember much, maybe 2006 because that's the year I went to Disneyworld and I did like nothing!  There's talk in my family about going next year though!

7.) Current outfit:
By now you can guess this one... my pyjamas! I have an aero graphic white tank top under a heather grey v-neck from Garage.  For pants I have some VS Pink pyjama pants on.

8.) What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?
Like I said I have a terrible memory but when I look back on pictures it seems that everyday was Halloween to me!  I always used to dress up as different princesses, fairies, ballerinas, cheerleader etc!

9.) Have you ever been able to talk your way out of a speeding ticket?
I don't drive yet but I actually have!  I was in my uncle's car when I was little and we were pulled over.  The police officer loved me and just gave us a warning!  Hopefully they still like me when I get my license.

10.) Weekly goals:
Decorate my friend's locker without her knowing, make it through this week alive, hang out with my friends and get  my retainer out?

Haul: Pittsburgh - March 17, 2011- March 19, 2011

Hey y'all so I went to Pennsylvannia this week for MARCH BREAK! I did buy a few things so I thought I would share everything with y'all.  I am not trying to brag in anyway. Since I am very lazy, I decided to just google the pictures of the products instead of taking them myself.  I hope you don't mind, if you do forgive me? Let's get started!

The first thing I got is :
Tory Burch Classic Reva Ballet Flats

Yes, Tory Burch Classic Reva Ballet Flats!  I got these at Nordstrom for US$195 flat. To me this was a great deal because here in Canada they can be CDN$260!  I needed flats because I outgrew all of mine (I got a size 7) and because I needed a pair of comfortable flats for my trip to Paris - lots of walking planned.  I still need to break them in as the lady who helped me at Nordstrom told me they have be "tight be not uncomfortably tight" her reasoning behind telling me this is because they do stretch out a bit! This was my most expensive product!


The second item is:
bareMinerals Prime Time Oil Control Foundation Primer
I know BORING! I went to Sephora and picked this baby up. I usually buy the original formula but since I do have oily skin I decided to try this one out.  I have only worn it once but the original was my favourite primer.  Let me know if you want a full review/ comparison on this product.  For those who were wondering this was US$21.

Next product is:
Sephora By OPI's Rumba Romance
Sephora describes "Rumba Romance" as an "opaque metallic bronze".  A little tip when shopping at Sephora: always look at the small but helpful sale section (where I picked up this for US$5 - original being US$9.50).  There are always nail polishes on sale - right now one of my favourite colours are on sale "Caribbean Cocktail".  Anyways, Rumba Romance looks more like a gold bronze to me but that's alright I still think it's pretty and will look great on any skin tone!

Up next is....

OPI's Royal Flush Blush
I picked this polish up today actually.  I went to my hair salon and they had select OPI polishes on sale and this coral-pink colour caught my eye!  I can't wait to go back in 2 weeks to get more colours.  If I do get more I will let you know which ones. This was a limited edition colour from thee "Las Vegas Collection". I can't wear to wear it! Oh by the way: do any of you have/had gel nails?  I'm thinking about getting them for Europe!


The fifth product is:

Sudzz fx Cashmere Shampoo
"Sudzz FX Cashmere Hydrating Shampoo - Dry, brittle, severely damaged and misbehaving hair needs a well-deserved dose of conditioning and hydration. Bathe it every day in this rich, luxurious cleansing treatment and restore your hair’s precious moisture balance. A 100% Sulfate-Free cleansing system." This is what this shampoo claims! I picked this up today for CDN$24.50 at my salon, last week I went to get my hair cut and my hairdresser used this and it made my hair so SOFT!  I thought it was worth it to get it for myself.


Up next is...

Global Keratin Pro Line Hair Taming Moisturizing Conditioner
Although this picture is NOT how my bottle looks, this is what came up on google images (boo!). Oh well, this was the conditioner/treatment my hairdresser used on me last week!  It is quite pricey at CDN$64 but, it is worth it! I got the 1L/1000mL bottle and you only need a teeny tiny bit!  You take about a quarter size (depending on hair type) and put it in your hair and leave it in for a bit and BAM silky smooth hair!  This product is in fact meant to help straighten your hair (which I usually do).


Now for number 7:
AE Burst Graphic Crop T
I am in LOVE with crop tops! I found this for US$14.62 and I loved it!  It is quite short but just slip a tank under it and you'll be fine!  This is one of my favourite spring trends, and even though some seem opposed to showing some skin I love how the loose fit and the length contrast perfectly! 


The next item is....
GARAGE Stripped Pocket Tee
I picked up yet another crop top today at garage for CDN$20.23 (with tax).  I truly do love this, this top comes down longer than the AE one so I don't need to wear a tank top with it (although I am short).  I love how this combines 3 spring trends in one!  It has the crop top, the nautical theme and lace (on the shoulders).  I can't wait to wear this!


To the person who is still reading this the next item is:

Maybelline One By One Mascara
This mascara seems to be on everyone's favourite mascara list so I thought I would go to Wal-Mart today and check this out for myself.  I've only tried it once and I was not to impressed but we'll see if my opinion changes.  The problem with my lashes is that they are voluminous but SUPER short (if you have any amazing lengthening mascaras - leave me a comment below).


Lucky number 10?
Super boring Equate Nail Polish Remover
When it comes to nail polish remover I could care less!  I was running low on it and was already at Wal-Mart today so I thought - might as well pick one up while I'm here!  I have never tried this brand before but I don't expect anything grand from it.  Can someone please justify why I would need to spend $15 on a bottle on nail polish remover?


Numero 11...
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - an Eclipse novella
I was itching to get my hands on this for awhile so while at Wal-Mart in Pennsylvania I saw one last copy and picked it up!  I have not started it yet but I can't wait to!  Eclipse by far was my favourite novel out of the series and now there's a novella (short book) to add on to that!  I love Twilight, enough said!


Sharpie Carribean Colors Limited Edition 24 Ultra Fine Markers
I know interesting! I have a fetish for Sharpies and this set was super cheap in PA!  The colours are gorgeous and I was left with the daunting task if choosing this one or the Sharpie 80s Pop Limited Edition 24 Fine Markers.  In the end the Ultra Fine won me over!


And lastly hopefully?  
Coach Wristlet
I needed a new wristlet so when I stepped into the Coach Outlet I made a beeline to them!  I love wristlets and totes so this was great for me.  This is a fairly large wristlet too.  I also got it for super cheap (don't worry it's authentic!).  The original price of it was US$98, at the outlet it was on sale for US$69 but then you get 30% off that and it ended up being US$51 with tax!

So, I think this is the end of my blog post! Congrats to you if you read it all.  If I missed something I will edit it if it is of significance (not if it's like the shoe boxes I bought today).  So I hoped you enjoyed and let me know if you like posts like this!  Look forward to my next post on spring nail polished for 2011!  I'll write that up when I have a chance to go to Sally's and get nail swatchers!

Thanks so much for reading!

xx, tayy <3

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday Questionnaire: March 14,2011

I really want to get my nails done like this!

1.) Mood:
Irritated, things go wrong in life.

2.) Do you have a subscription to any magazines?
Only to Seventeen <3

3.) Name one thing you are looking forward to in the near future.
Pittsburgh, PA on Thursday; getting my nails done tomorrow; mall on Wednesday

4.) Current nail polish:
Nothing... I'm getting my nails done tomorrow

5.) Do you know how to identify any constellations?
Nope, the only thing I like from astronomy is the Big Bang Theory and I quote "The whole universe was a hot dense state then nearly 14000000 years ago expansion started wait, the earth began to cool, the artichokes began to drool. Neanderthals developed tool, we built a wall (we built the pyramids!) Math, Science, History unravelling the mystery it all started with a big bang HEY! (You are awesome if you know where this is from)

6.) Do you like the idea of electronic reading (Kindle, iPad, etc.) or prefer an old-fashioned book?
I prefer old-fashioned... some things don't need to be changed!

7.) Current outfit:
Well this is no surprise... my pyjamas (again!) a heather grey v-neck t-shirt from garage with an A&F navy and white striped tank top underneath and some pyjama shorts from garage (they are really hard to describe!)

8.) Do you like karaoke?
I used to but now I'm embarrassed by it...

9.) What was your favorite cereal as a kid?
I loved frosted Flakes, Corn Pops, Honeycombs, Cheerios and Rice Crispies (and I still do)

10.) Weekly goals:
Finish homework, hang out with friends and have a good drive to Pittsburgh! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

New Obsession: Polyvore

Once again I have a new website that has addicted me to it! This site is great for interior designers and fashion designers alike. is basically a creation site. I use it to set up outfits but people use it to make collages, room designs etc. Take your pick and enjoy!

A Polyvore I found off Google Images!

Who is responsible for getting me hooked? Well that would be Bethany (Macbarbie07 - on Youtube)! By the way CONGRATS BETHANY ON BEING THE NEW SEVENTEEN HAIR SMARTIE! (Can't wait to get my new Seventeen Issue in the mail). Bethany keeps tweeting the wonderful outfits she puts together and so I gave it a shot and loved it... (Click HERE to see Bethany's Polyvore!)

To see the outfits I put together you can go to my Profile. Also, I am not the best at it! I just love this idea and it is very addicting!

If you're got a polyvore link me to it in the comments below so I can see your amazing looks!

I hope y'all end up joining!!

Ciao Bellas <3

xx, tayyy <3

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Questionnaire: March 7,2011

1.) Mood: 
stressed, anxious

2.) What is the closest blue object to you? 
My bedspread, my pillows, my bracelets, my nails ( I like blue )

3.) What is your favorite card game?
Wolf (Werewolves of Miller's Hollow), Uno, President, Milles Bournes

4.) Current nail polish:
OPI's Last Friday Night

5.) Do you consider yourself to be a good dancer?
 Well, yea or else I wouldn't be in competitive or dance at school or be going to dance anymore. If I'm not then that;s like 10 years of dance lessons wasted.

6.) What is the best haircut you have ever had?
Hmm... not sure I guess my most recent one.

7.) Current outfit:
OMGHHKP! For the first time I'm NOT in pyjamas. I'm in a Raglan shirt (yellow sleeves, white base) and lululemon pants. 

8.) Do you have a fear of flying on airplanes?
NO! I actually LOVE flying on airplanes.

9.) What is the last movie you watched? 
Uhm, Monster In Law.

10.) Weekly goals: 
Make it through the week because MARCH BREAK IS NEXT WEEK!!

Nail Polish Of The Day: OPI Black Shatter on top of Essie's Mint Candy Apple

I tried being a little different by putting a bright blue/ green nail polish with a black shattered top coat. I love this combination and advise everyone to try it.  Personally, I think Black Shatter looks better and stands out more with brighter colours.

That's pretty much all I have to say.

Would you wear it?

xx, tayy <3

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My New Obsession: Elle and Blair's Website!

Found on google images! I think it's adorable!
As many of you already know, earlier this week Elle and Blair Fowler better known as AllThatGlitters21 and JuicyStar07, have released their new website I for one LOVE this website. There are tons of forums posted by lesser know gurus and bloggers. People with so MUCH insight give you great tips and the interaction is amazing. You can add friends, discuss your activities or problems in life, share your stories, favourite TV shows or find people who live in your country.  Sometimes, Elle and Blair themselves will reply to your comment. if you haven't checked it out already do so! It's a great site to expose yourself to beauty. If you do check it out, add my up as your friend my screen name is " Emily Taylor Avia Hu ". Enjoy the site.

Ciao Bellas I'll talk to y'all soon

xoxo, Tayy <3