Monday, March 28, 2011

How To: Make Your Own Sea Salt Spray

Hey bellas! What's up? So, for today I am teaching you how to make your own sea salt spray that WORKS! I know it works because I used it yesterday and got nice beachy waves that look natural, effortless and pretty!

If you don't know what sea salt spray is, it is used to create a beachy wave effect for your hair (consider it a natural version of crunching gel!) .  However I would choose sea salt spray over crunching gel and moose anyday now, I have all 3 and sea salt spray does not make your hair feel hard or heavy at all, in fact it's the opposite!  Now let's get on with it!

- 2 teaspoons (tsp.) of sea salt  (NOT TABLE SALT)
- 1 cup of boiling water

Pre-step: Create your boiling water, whether it's boiling the water with an actual boiler or warming bottled water for 3-5 minutes in the mocrowave

1) Take your sea salt and put it in the boiling water

2) Mix them until all sea salt is dissolved and not visible

3) Wait until the water cools down

4) Pour it into a spray bottle

** I know some people add things like deep conditioner and detangler to this (personally I don't because it makes your hair heavy) feel free to add whatever you like!

I hope this helped you and just a little tip - spray it on your hands when using it, to prevent using too much!

I hoped I helped you save money, as sea salt sprays can cost up to $50 now!

Anyway, have fun creating you sexy beachy waves!

xx, tayy

P.S. I am currently working on a review for the Tory Burch Flats, I am doing a day-by-day just so you know how they feel every step of the way!

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