Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tag: 20 Question Tag

TAG! You're it! If you're reading this please answer these questions in either the comments below or in your very own blog post or video!  If you do a blog post/ video answering these questions be sure to leave me the link in the comments!
The Shaytards... keep reading and you'll get it!

1. Sneakers or stilettos?
When I need to go somewhere fancy like a party then stilettos but on an everyday basis sneakers.

2. Calling or texting?

If it's really super important I call/ Skype (video) my friends but I really love texting/BBM-ing!

3. One word to describe your best friend.

Considerate- she is always looking out for me and always feels the need to include everyone. 

4. One thing most people can do that you totally can't? 

BLOW BUBBLE GUM BUBBLES!  I have tried since the age of 6 and I haven't succeeded the slightest bit once.

5. Hair: curly or straight?

Whenever I get a question like this I never understand what it means: naturally, I have curly hair but I usually straighten it.

6. Favorite outfit?

I'm not sure I have one either: Crop Top,  skinny jeans and leather jacket OR sweat pants/leggings, any random top, UGGS and a comfy sweater  OR skinny jeans, flats/heels and some random top

7. Jean cut?

SKINNY, for sure.

8. What is "your type"?

My "type" I'm not so sure, I really like cute, naturally tan guys who are funny and a bit athletic.  Kind of little boy next door.

9. Favorite fruit?

I love fruit! Strawberries, cherries, cantaloupes, honeydew and oranges

10. Lip stick or gloss?

I'm a lip balm type of gir, as boring as that sounds.

11. Makeup you feel you DON'T need?

Bronzer, I don't wear it and I don't think I need it.

12. Earrings: hoopy or studs?

I love both but I wear studs more, they are just more my style.

13. Hoodies or blazers?

I love both but I find myself reaching for a hoodie way more than a blazer.

14. Chic, Boho, Street, or Edgy?

A mix of chic and edgy.

15. Favorite junk food?

Chocolate, Chocolate cupcakes, Chocolate cake, Chips, Chocolate covered pretzels, cookies.... seeing a trend here?

16. Favorite Youtuber? 

Probably the SHAYTARDS I'm in the process of watching all their videos, check it out "Links In My Pants" High-five if you got it!

17. Most expensive line you shop?

Uhm, probably Tiffany & Co. or Burberry 

18. Weirdest item of clothing in your closet?

This sweater that feels like a carpet.

19. Mac, Sephora, or other?

Nordstrom? It sells MAC and some brands that carry Sephora (is that cheating?)

20. Describe your "dream guy."

Uhm, my boyfriend? Probably Tyler Medeiros or Taylor Lautner, love them both but that stay between us, my boyfriend doesn't have to know!  Actually he knows I'm obsessed with them.

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