Friday, March 11, 2011

New Obsession: Polyvore

Once again I have a new website that has addicted me to it! This site is great for interior designers and fashion designers alike. is basically a creation site. I use it to set up outfits but people use it to make collages, room designs etc. Take your pick and enjoy!

A Polyvore I found off Google Images!

Who is responsible for getting me hooked? Well that would be Bethany (Macbarbie07 - on Youtube)! By the way CONGRATS BETHANY ON BEING THE NEW SEVENTEEN HAIR SMARTIE! (Can't wait to get my new Seventeen Issue in the mail). Bethany keeps tweeting the wonderful outfits she puts together and so I gave it a shot and loved it... (Click HERE to see Bethany's Polyvore!)

To see the outfits I put together you can go to my Profile. Also, I am not the best at it! I just love this idea and it is very addicting!

If you're got a polyvore link me to it in the comments below so I can see your amazing looks!

I hope y'all end up joining!!

Ciao Bellas <3

xx, tayyy <3


  1. I love this site!

  2. FashionAffiar: Agreed! What's your Polyvore? I wanna see your designs! It's so addicting!