Thursday, March 24, 2011

My All-Time Favourite Perfume!

I got this delightful perfume at the very beginning of September and have fell in love with it.  I went to New York on a mad hunt for this and found a 100mL bottle of it for $54.99.  Now, I have seen it everywhere which is a plus because that means more for me!  This perfume is Escada Moon Sparkle!!


I found out about this perfume in a rather weird way, I was at a sleepover at my best friend's house and we were watching a Taylor Swift live broadcast where she mentioned she "stole" Selena Gomez's scent "Escada Moon Sparkle".  So, after I went on a mad hunt to get this pefume and as I mentioned before I found it and fell in love.
Escada Moon Sparkle


Escada describes this scent as " A fruity floral fragrance, with sparkling strawberry and red apple notes. Top notes: strawberry, citrus cocktail, blackcurrant and red apple. Middle notes: sweet pea, jasmine, freesia, and rose. Base notes: raspberry, musky notes, dry ambery notes, and sandalwood" To sum that all up - it smells DELICIOUS!


Escada has a reputation with their perfumes smelling similar but something about Moon Sparkle sets it apart from the rest.  It smells similar to Escada Marine Groove but a bit more fruity, and I personally L.O.V.E fruity scents!!!


Basically, if you want to see what I smell like check out Escada Moon Sparkle, you'll love it I promise!  Oh, and a little side note they also have a men's version, which also smells AMAZING!
Escada Moon Sparkle Men (the name is VERY masculine!) 

xx, tayy <3

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