Sunday, March 6, 2011

My New Obsession: Elle and Blair's Website!

Found on google images! I think it's adorable!
As many of you already know, earlier this week Elle and Blair Fowler better known as AllThatGlitters21 and JuicyStar07, have released their new website I for one LOVE this website. There are tons of forums posted by lesser know gurus and bloggers. People with so MUCH insight give you great tips and the interaction is amazing. You can add friends, discuss your activities or problems in life, share your stories, favourite TV shows or find people who live in your country.  Sometimes, Elle and Blair themselves will reply to your comment. if you haven't checked it out already do so! It's a great site to expose yourself to beauty. If you do check it out, add my up as your friend my screen name is " Emily Taylor Avia Hu ". Enjoy the site.

Ciao Bellas I'll talk to y'all soon

xoxo, Tayy <3


  1. I love this website too! I think it's a great way to learn new tips and get cool ideas.

  2. Kimberlee: Agreed. I learn so many new beauty bits on there and it's great to know everyone has something in common!