Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tag: Born This Way

I thought the message behind this tag was amazing, and a self-esteem booster.  Also, it shows that all girls have their imperfections.  If you don't already know what this tag is, it is basically a tag where you tell people/write down some streotypes about yourself and what people label you as (in a negative way) then on the other side of the paper (if you're writing it) you write the positive version and why you are happy with what you are.


One thing people always used to tell me (especially some rude guys) was that I am skinny.  It made me feel terrible and like I wasn't good enough.  I know skinny can be used as a good term but I always associated it with anorexia, especially when you get teased about it.

In reality I am.... FIT

I get meet the requirements for my daily food intake but I know how to keep the pounds off. As I mentioned before I dance and practically every day I am in the studio for hours.  In the summer, I swim a lot too, so I am active there.  I also have a very fast acting metabolism and am naturally skinny.  When I say skinny I mean I am a size 0-2, not too skinny.


All my friends tend to call me a nerd (in a loving way) even people who don't know me call me nerd because I tend to work really hard in school.  I actually do want to make honour roll and I have a very good chance in doing so.  I get really devastated when I get less that a 75 because I know I could have worked harder (unless it's math).  Yea, I'm a nerd and I love it!

But I'm actually.... SMART

I always will be and still am smart.  I know what I'm doing and I tend to pick things up really easily.  I get good marks but one thing I'll never do is make people envious of me.  I like knowing that I can go into an exam without studying and still end up with my mark being an 80.  I'm smart, and proud.


I actually think being weird is a good thing.  Although it can be used as an insult.  Anyway, people think I'm weird.  I'll do things that no one else would think of, I'll say the randomest things at the most awkward times because I wasn't paying attention.  I'll make weird faces in photos and everyone will laugh, but that's just me.

I really am... DIFFERENT

I'm original and creative.  One of my best friend's favourite quotes is "You were born an original, don't die a copy".  Let your full personality shine through when you meet someone.  Dance in the middle of the street, have a water fight at your school's carnival with all of your friends.  Live your life to the fullest, do the craziest things and love every minute of it!


Some people may say I'm a bit pushy.  I can be when I want to do something I'll try so hard to get other people to do it with me.  If there's a new rollarcoaster I'll try to get my friend that is scared the most to ride it with me.  I like to challenge people and some people don't always like that.

But really I consider myself.... FEARLESS

I think I'm fearless.  I can go out and try the craziest things, and be perfectly fine with it.  One thing that is fearless that happens all the time in my life is dating a guy.  I thinking dating is fearless because even after heartbreak to put yourself through some things even though you've been hurt before takes guts.  Smiling when you're down takes a lot of courage.  Fearlessness is about not letting anything get you down.


This is probably my biggest pet peeve.  There is such a negative connotation with being rich which annoys me.  I am not rich, and I do have a lot of things but that doesn't mean I'm not grateful for it and that certainly doesn't mean I am spoiled.

I am truly... BLESSED

I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to have all the things I have.  Even the simplest can mean the world to someone.  A pencil can mean so much to someone struggling in a third world country.  i am blessed to have everything and all the people in my life that love and care for me so much.  I'm not rich or spoiled, but I'm blessed!


I am considered "popular" at my school.  I have a lot of popular friends and the people I hang out with on a regular basis are popular people.  I hate being called popular because of all the down stereotypical things it means in our society.  If you're popular, you're mean.  If you're popular, you think you're better than everyone else.  I'm not like that and no one I know is like that.

Realistically I'm..... FRIENDLY

I am social, and if I'm in a class where I know one person, like in my french class, I end having the entire class as my friends.  In my french class I only knew one person really well.  We would barely talk though, but then I got into it and I met new people and that has become one of my favourite classes.  Just open yourself up to people and act yourself.

So, that was the Born This Way tag, I hope you all do this tag!  I TAG ALL OF YOU!  Put it in the comments below, write a whole blog post about it or make a video!   Just do this tag!  I hope you all enjoyed!

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xoxo, Taylor


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