Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: June 26, 2011

Hey girls,

I decided to do another OOTD post, since they are easy to do and give you a taste of my style.  This look is very plain and casual as I was just going to dinner at my cousin's house.  It was hot out today as well!  I hope you enjoy my outfit!

As you can see, my outfit really isn't anything special!  It's so casual and is really easy to duplicate but the simplicity makes this a great outfit!

As you can tell I have a bright blue tank top under my grey top!  The bright blue tank top is to add a pop of colour to this really neutral-toned outfit without going overboard, it's from Garage.  My top has some really hard to describe detailing under the bust.  It is a heather grey v-neck but the unexpected knot adds some interest.  I got in from Abercrombie.

WHITE SHORTS!  I love white shorts but they are really hard to keep clean.  I'm actually pretty good with white shorts!  Little tip: always carry Tide-To-Go when you're wearing them, it can be a life saver.  I got this pair from Abercrombie a few years back.

Make fun of my shoes all you want but they are the comfiest shoes in the entire world!  They are plain black and look like "chinese grandpa shoes, karate shoes etc." as my family describes them.  These are called Toms and are super in where I live.  I got mine at Aritzia.... yesterday!  Oh, I also got my feather extension too.  My town finally got them in 3 days ago.

I straigtened my hair once again this week since I got my feather extension.  To get my hair out of my face I added this head band which I bought at J-Crew in the USA.  I love the simple beading detail and coil detail.


My nails are definitely the boldest part of my outfit.  They are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in Laced Up.  I love the effect so much, I can't buy them often since they are quite expensive for a regular basis but for special occasions where I don't want to get my nails done at a salon I'll definitely go out and buy these.  Do you like them?

So that was my really plain, boring outfit for today.  I hope you all enjoyed this post.  A little update, I guess the government read my last blog post because Canada Post is not on strike anymore and I can ship the prizes right as the giveaway ends.

Taylor, xoxo.

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  1. cute.. i dont know about the shoes. i dont understand why it's fashionable

  2. cute cutee!!

  3. Arianne: I could actually care less about fashionable shoes, they are SO comfortable and the money actually helps out in third world countries. Thanks for the compliment. I do a lot of walking around, going to my friend's houses during the summer and these are so comfortable, it helps that they are getting popular :)

  4. way cute outfit! I have the same pair of toms! (I love them!) I love peoples OOTD!