Sunday, May 22, 2011

Haul: May 22, 2011 - H&M, Garage and More!

Hey girls, before I get started, I forgot to mention you on my last post but anyway, thank-you Ashley Lorraine for my third stylish blogger award!  Please go check her out and follow her! So yesterday I went shopping and bought a few things, and I was supposed to get my feather extension but sadly they didn't have the type I wanted and now... I have to wait until I get a call from my salon telling me they got it!  My dad had to go out of town for a few hours so I was stuck at the mall with my mom and my aunt and we shopped!

The first place I stumbled into was H&M where I got 2 pairs of sandals! I adore both of them and they were relatively cheap and comfortable!

These are the first pair of sandals which were $29.95!  I love these and they remind me of moccasins, which is a huge trend where I live but this is a cuter much more summery alternative!  Shoes like these will be great for going to amusement parks or anywhere you don't want your shoes to fall off! Click HERE to see these on the H&M website!

Unfortunately,  I could not find these on the H&M website!  These are black gladiators once again perfect for the occasions where you don't want your shoes to fall off!  I love that they have different detailing.  These were only $17.95 and look so good on!  There is a zipper on the back so it is really easy to take these off and put them on!

Next I went to Garage where there was a promotion going on where if you spent $60 or more you would get $10 off.

So, this is the "Lacerback" Cami.  What a cute name!  If you can tell by the first picture, the back is all lace this would be so cute with a bandeau on top of it! And since these were 2 for $20 I got this one in "Blue Lagoon and ...

... this one in "Mascarpone Cherry"!  It's such a pretty coral colour which is such a cute colour for summer!

Then I got this crop top called "Cropped Tank with Lace Panels" in the colour Orealis Yellow.  It is such a summer colour as most things in this haul will be!  I love the fact that lace is incorporated.  Two things I am obsessed with this summer are: lace and crops!  Plus it was only $8!

Then I got this solid bandeau for $5!  I love this colour it's called Aqua Sea anything close to Tiffany Blue, I am obsessed with it!  I just think under anything this would be so cute!  

Then I got Floral Rob Tank with Lace in Royal Navy!  As you can see, the straps and partially the back is lace!  This would look so good under denim shorts!  It was $14.90.

I love this top and this picture does not do it justice!  It's called the Lace Tank Top and I got it in Snow White but it really is more of an off-white!  It was more pricey at $18.90 but on top of the Aqua Sea bandeau!

I got the Striped Cropped Pocket Tee in Light Grey/Vanilla Milkshake!  If you remember my Pittsburgh Haul I got the same one in Navy for $20.23 with tax but this one was on sale for $12 without tax!  What a steal, it was practically half off!

I went to the drugstore to pick up a waterproof mascara for summer!  I chose to pick up the Maybelline Lash Stiletto and I am impressed!  This might become my new favourite mascara!  It lengthens so much! I love how this makes my lashes look, if you want length check out this mascara!  

A day earlier my mom went to a vintage shop near local to my town even I don't know the name since I didn't go but she picked up some stuff!

The first thing is this really cute necklace!  It has a long leather chain and then a giant bead!  There is a huge golden heart a bunch of metal chains a feather a smaller heart and a bead!  It is super cute and love how it looks with any outfit!

She also got me this feather headband!  This is definitely a statement piece, under the feathers there is a mesh bow and a giant gem stone and a medallion!  It might look intimidating but it looks super cute!  I love this!

So that is everything from my haul, I hoped you enjoyed and I will talk to you all very soon!  Comment below on what your favourite item was!

xoxo Taylor ... swalk <3


  1. amazing haul!

    makes me wanna grab my purse and run out and shop

    very pretty .

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  2. Thanks Vinita, you are always so kind!
    LOL, you should!
    For sure, i love your blog!