Monday, May 9, 2011

Style Alert: Spring/Summer Shoes 2011!

Hey girls, first off I would like to thank 2 blogs for awarding me the stylish blogger award.  The first one being Bold With Bows and the second one being Savvy College Girl.  Thank you to both of you, that means a lot to me!  So go check out their blogs girls!

What this post is really about though is my favourite spring/summer shoes that I own!  These shows SCREAM spring and summer.  So without further a due here we go...

I'm not sure where I got these wedges but they are from the brand Fioni.  I am pretty sure I got these at Nine West a few years back!  Anyway, I love these, they might be my favourite heels for this season!  they are a gold-nude colour with a 2-inch cork wedge.  The string detailing is really pretty but not overdone whatsoever!

These flats are from Aldo.  I got these last year, but I'm not sure if they are still available. I love these shoes for just hanging out at an amusement park like Wonderland because they have the support at the back so they don't fall off!  For some reason I consider these my roman shoes because they aren't gladiators but I feel like romans would wear these.

I got these cork heel, bright red shoes last year at Costa Blanca x.  I love these, when wearing a plain outfit why not add colour with you shoes.  These are actually very comfortable.  The bright red with the cork heel is unexpected but that's what makes it fun.  These are 3 inch heels.  I love the red cross detailing in the front.

These shoes are also form Costa Blanca X.  As you can see I am big on cork heels as it is a spring trend this year.  Thank God!  These are 2 and a half inches and they are black wedges.  The front detailing isn't over the top and remains classy.  I would wear these with a floral dress, because they can be dressed up or dressed down.

 I got these shoes from a friend about a year ago.  The brand is American Eagle but I am more than certain they aren't from American Eagle Outfitters.  I love these because they're white!  Wearing all white is definitely "in" this year!  However the 2 inch heel is a dar brown and their is a brown acent on the front.

I love these grey-nude heels from Ann Taylor.  It has a skinny 2 inch heel and an open toe.  As you can see on the inner side their is some detailing.  These are simple and they make your legs look longer.  I got these this year so I am sure you will be able to get these.

I got these flats at Saks Fifth off Fifth at Woodbury Outlets in New York in September.  I love the grey colour and the black accents plus the bow on the front is too cute.  These shoes go with practically everything and girl-up every outfit!

Of course, I had to include my Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats. These are one of the comfortable flats I own.  The Tory Burch silver crest on the front gives the right amount of edge to the shoe.  There are a variety of colours this shoe comes in as I'm sure you all know.  Anyway these go with pretty much everything and will not take away from the outfit.

 I got these shoes at a local boutique about a month ago but the designer is well known.  These green flats are from Franco Sarto.  I know they're GREEN!  But they are a really dark green and do not look that green.  They're are taupe accents and a huge gold logo.... I guess.  They material feel really weird almost like felt.

I got these shoes at the same time I got the ones above at the same store.  These are by Libby Edelman, and I love the fact that they are white!  My mom wore these in Europe without breaking them in and she said they were really comfortable.  The white detailing on the front kind of reminds me of the Jennifer Zeuner necklaces that I love.

Flip flops are so easy to slip on for summer and spring but most of the time, they don't look to special.  I got these floral, really light pink flip flops at J. Crew.  I love the fact that they are so different yet casual.  This will instantly girlyfy your outfit.  Wearing this with a sun dress would be so cute!

So, these were my favourite shoes for Summer and Spring.  Which ones did you like the best and check out the girls I mentioned above!

xoxo, Taylor


  1. Cute shoes! I heart the grey Ann Taylor heels! <3

    You should check out my blog:

  2. Thank-you, I love them too <3

  3. amazing!!! I want some! Which country are you from???

  4. Ahaha, thanks, I'm from Canada <3