Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Questionnaire: May 9, 2011

I know, I blog way too much, anyway, I was home all day and exciting news everyone... my mom bought me the naked palette today!

Urban Decay Naked Palette
1.) Mood:
Excited, my mom bought me the naked palette today and I am counting down the second until she comes home, plus summer break is coming really soon!

2.) What is your favorite summer snack?
I love yogurt cover pretzels during summer, I love them year round but during summer is best and freezies!

3.) Waterproof mascara-- yay or nay?
Depends, not on a regular basis but I always have at least one in my collection for when i go swimming or I know I'm going out and it's raining.

4.) Current nail polish?
Gel french manicure nails but on my toes, OPI Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

5.) Do you wear a watch?
No, I use my phone if nI need to check the time.

6.) What is the ring on your cell phone?
It's always on vibrate but when it's not my ringtone is either On The Floor, or Till The World Ends

7.) Current outfit:
A superman shirt and sweat shorts, I've been home all day.

8.) If you had to do one, would you rather sky dive or take a deep-sea boat 300 feet under sea level?
Sky dive, that is on my bucket list!

9.) Have you ever had such a bad date that you made an excuse to leave early?
Yea, sates are already awkward as is so when its just bad me and my friends have a back-up plan always, thankfully I've only had one.

10.) Weekly goals:
Work on school and get a new flip...

xox, Taylor :*