Thursday, July 7, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: July 7, 2011

Hey everyone,

So today I'm writing an Outfit of The Day and the setting did change since I am in Toronto, Ontario vacationing and I am having so much fun but it is really hot.  Today, I went to lunch with my nonna Stella (Italian grandma Stella).  I haven't seen my nonna since Christmas so it was so fun to see her again.  Me and my sister, Kaylyn, had a great time and we drove over to her house after.  So, this is what I wore to this lunch with my nonna.

My whole Outfit.
As you can see, this outfit is really simple and involves heels!  These heels were actually featured in my Style Alert: Spring/Summer Shoes 2011.  So, enjoy my outfit of the day!

My Top
First off, I have an Abercrombie & Fitch bright blue bandeau which might not be too noticable but this shirt is really sheer and might fall a bit throughout the day.  As for the actual top, it is from Club Monaco.  I cut-off the top from the picture unfortunately.  It has small fold at the top.  It's mostly cotton but the sides as silk, and the pockets which you can't see since I tucked in the top.

Jean Shorts
I'm pretty sure you've seen these shorts before.  I got them at H&M and the stitching is amazing and so different!  They are a bit higher than my average jean shorts which is why they make me think they are high-waisted.  I also love the amount of pockets on these shorts.

The first bracelet is a green bangle which has green gem stones and small pearls and once is awhile a diamond (all fake), also there is these two little metal-looking balls in between some of the stones.  The next bracelet is a beaded bracelet which is really cute and kind of indescribable.  My last bracelet is this leather bracelet and it actually says my name on it.

I am obsessed with my sunglasses, I got them last year and I love them.  My whole family loves Ray-Bans and I am no exception.  I wore my black Wayfarers and the 'P' next to where it says 'Ray Ban' stands for polarized.

My shoes
I work my Fioni cork-heels wedges.  My nonna loved my shoes, she thought they were so cute.  I am a short person so any height helps.  The way the straps wrap around my foot remind me of a halter-top.  The straps are actually gold and they are super comfortable.

My Nails!
My nails are still the same, the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in "Laced Up".  It's been nice not painting my nails and I know they are horribly chipped!

My Favourite Necklace!
I also wore my much loved Tiffany & Co. necklace I got for my eighth grade confirmation.  I love my necklace and I bought it from Jack Bull in the Bahamas.  So much memories in one tiny necklace.

That was my outfit of the day, I hoped you all liked it and let me know what part of my outfit was your favourite.  Before I go I want to thank Ashley for awarding me the Best Blog Award!  I meant to mention you ages ago but I always forgot, forgive me?  Please go check her blog out, her blog is called Intro To Beauty! Go follow her and leave a comment saying "Tay sent me".  She has a giveaway going on as well, so go check Ashley out, you won't regret it!

Taylor, xoxo.


  1. This is such a cute outfit! :)
    I really love your necklace & nails! & of course loveee ray-bans :)
    & I actually love how your shorts are different as well! :)

    Check out my fashion blog?!
    Thanks a bunch :)

  2. Love your outfit, your shoes and necklace!! and your nails look so chick! I would love to try that!!
    oh, just wanted to let you know, check tomorrow (July 8th) at 3:30pm my blog.... gave u an award! :)

  3. cute shoes :D

  4. Amour: Thanks :)
    Aww you're so sweet

  5. Berniice: Aww, thanks-you! If you don't want to spend money on a manicure and want fun nails, try it out, you'll love it!
    I will, I'm so excited now! Thanks in advance!

  6. Arianne: Thannks, I love them <3

  7. you're so very welcome haha! ;) I'll be sure to look out for those nail strips! :)!

  8. I love the shoes and the necklace!! so cute!

  9. Lovely outfit. Those wedges are amazing, I'm dying to get some :)

  10. Thank-you! Good luck, my mom bought them years ago then gave them to me last year :)