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Review and Swatches: Sephora Colorful Artist Palette

Hey everyone,

So today, I went to Buffalo (let me know if you'd like a Collective haul) and this is one of the things I got from Sephora.  I found it in the sale section for $13, I was unsure about purchasing this but I just bought it to test out for my blog and bring it when I'm travelling since it does have a wide variety of colours.  

The Outside of the Palette
 The outside of the palette is pretty sleek.  The designs aren't anything special but I could care less about the packaging to be honest.  It's a glossy black and it isn't very thick.  It is ideal for travelling.

The Inside Of The Palette
 The palette comes with 15 eyeshadows, and a brush.  That means assuming the brush is free, the eyeshadows aren't even a dollar.  The whole inside of the lid is a big mirror.

First Row: L-R; Engagement Ring, Tender Pink,
Hawaiian Beach, Wedding Day, Universal Beige
 Engagement ring is a really pretty glitter silver eyeshadow, so in MAC talk, it would be a lustre.  As we all know, lustres are beautiful but the application isn't the best.  When I swatched it the glitter was grainy but it was smooth overall. Tender Pink is a really light pink glitter eyeshadow.  It is so light it kind of looked more nude in the picture although in real life it is pink.  Hawaiian Beach is again a glitter.  I adore this colour.  It is a very pigmented gold-brown.  It would look beautiful on.  Wedding Day is also a glitter.  It's a very light white-silver, it kind of reminds me of Sephora's Aspen Summit.  I am personally a fan of matte eyeshadows so this was kind of sad when I found out Universal Beige was the only matte in the palette.  This is a gorgeous, as the name says, universal beige.  It would be great as an inner highlight.

Second Row: L-R; Disco Fever, Choco Excess,
French Rivera Gold, Caruleen, Burgundy
Disco Fever is a very pretty gunmetal grey.  I wish the NAKED Palette had a colour like this.  It is great for a smokey eye.  It is pretty much the eyeshadow version of China Glaze's Jitterbug.  This is a glitter shadow.  Choco Express is a gorgeous glitter chocolate brown.  This would be such a pretty crease colour for a darker look.  French Rivera Gold is so beautiful.  I was attracted to this yellow-gold glitter eyeshadow.  It is super pigmented and I want to find a way to wear this even though I don't usually wear eyeshadow.  Caruleen is an electric blue metallic shimmer shadow.  I love this colour and it reminds me of a MAC's "Electric Eel" which I always look at in the store.  Burgundy is well burgundy, good job naming this one Sephora.  Burgundy is a glitter too.  In my opinion, it is more on the brown side of burgundy.

Third Row: L-R; Black Flame, Coffee Brown,
Fame and Fortune, Welcome Aboard, Deep Purple
 Black Flame is a metallic shimmer.  It is not the most pigmented black but I would not expect it to be.  I thought it was a really dark grey at first sight.  Coffee Brown is also a metallic shimmer, it is a shimmery dark brown that you can find a million of uses for.  Fame and Fortune is actually green, although it appears blue in the picture.  It is a glitter, medium green, absolutely stunning.  Welcome Aboard is a really dark blur glitter eyeshadow.  I absolutely adore this colour, it is one of my favourites.  Deep Purple is exactly as the name says.  It is a really dark purple-brown metallic shimmer.  I would use this as a liner since it is dark but the purple would make my brown eyes pop.

The Brush
 Let's be honest here, this brush is terrible.  It isn't soft at all and it just looks and feels so cheap.  I doubt it even applies evenly and well.  I'll keep it for now but I feel like I'll be throwing it out really soon.

The Back
The back had a breakdown of all the colours for you.  It gives you the names, the kind of shadows and the "colour" of the shadow.  It's not that accurate but it's still nice to have.

Now the main question will be answered!  Is it worth it?  If you absolutely HATE glitter eyeshadows then stay away from this palette.  If you don't have a lot of eyeshadows and want a wide variety of colours then pick this up (if you can still find it).  I couldn't find this on the Sephora website anymore unfortunately.  I do wish they had a wider variety of the type of shadows because it was more glitter.  I don't regret buying this and I will use it.  Overall, go get this palette, it is an amazing deal!

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Taylor, xoxo.

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