Friday, July 8, 2011

Outfit Of The Day: July 8, 2011

Hey girls,

So tonight I have a barbecue dinner tonight at my friend's house.  She told me to dress formal but still look casual.  I was so confused so she told me to wear a dress or skirt that was casual with some heels.  For some odd reason I thought we were going to have a barbecue pool party... I was way off.  So, I have to go grab some things before the party so I already got ready and this is what I am wearing.

My whole outfit !
 So this is my whole outfit.  Not much to it at all, I have a faux-denim high-waisted skirt, a lace top a few accessories and my favourite pair of heels.  My hair is in a high pony-tail, just thought I might mention that.

My Skirt
 My skirt is from the brand Mink Pink but I bought it at Aritzia two years ago.  The material looks like denim but it is actually cotton making it very comfortable.  It is a high waisted and has I guess pleating on the top and it comes with a removable bow belt, which I chose to keep.

My Shirt
 I decided to wear a white tank top from Garage under since it is see-thorough.  I really like the way the white looks under the creme lace top.  The lace top itself is from Garage as well.  I tucked it in to my high-waisted skirt.  Since the top is form fitting and the the skirt is more flowy it creates a nice contrast and texture.

My Bracelet
 This is actually my mom's bracelet but I still wore it.  It's just these giant gem stones in different shades of blue.  My mom bought it from Aeropostale for only $2.  What a steal, right?

My Ring!
 My nonna Stella actually gave me this yesterday.  It's a gold ring with a few diamonds on the front.  As you can kind of tell, some of the diamonds actually fell off (3 to be exact).  My nonna actually gave me and my older sister, Kaylyn, lots of her old jewellery.

My Shoes!
 This is probably my favourite part of the outfit and I was secretly hoping that I got a chance to wear these on my trip.  I just got them about a month ago from Holt Renfrew.  These are from the brand MICHAEL By Michael Kors.  I got them in the sale section for $99, considering these were over $200 I think that was a good deal.  They are a nice mocha brown and they are just beautiful.  I can't really describe them.

My Nails!
I know same old plain boring nails that I've had for the last 2 or 3 Outfit of The Days.  I have to admit I'm trying to keep them on for a long time so I don't have to paint my nails again.  These are the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips in "Laced Up".  A little tip when apply these: even though it says you don't need it, finish it off with a clear top coat.  Trust me it will  make them last much longer.

My Necklace!
My necklace is in the form of a key.  Unfortunately, you can't really see the detail of the key.  It is very Tiffany-esque although it is not from there.  I think I got it from Garage a year ago.  I also changed the chain.

So that was my Outfit Of The Day or Night.  I want to give a special shout out to Bereniice who manages Things Just Happen Just Live, Laugh, Love and Learn.  She is super sweet and her blog is amazing.  Go follow her please!  Her nail posts are amazing.  Leave a comment on her blog saying "Taylor sent me!".  Thank-you Bereniice for the 10 Best Blogs Award, it means a lot.  Have a wonderful day/night everyone.

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Taylor, xoxo. 


  1. your blog title is so appropriate - you are stylish :)
    love the outfit and the shoes!

  2. I love your outfit! Its very cute!! I love the lacy top and necklace!

  3. The outfit looks amazing...
    i personally love the skirt!
    Following you!

  4. Arianne: Aww, you're too sweet, thanks <3

  5. UV: Thanks, every follower counts :)

  6. totally love the lace top !
    i'm in love with lace this year (: