Saturday, September 17, 2011

Style On A Budget: Kim Kardashian

Hey beauties,

So today I'm starting a new series on my blog called "Style On A Budget".  Style On A Budget is going to be like "Get The Look For Less" series but not only will I be doing celebrities but also a style in general (i.e. Boho, Indie, Girl etc.).  Since this is my first one I wanted to start out with a celebrity with basic style.  I looked at a lot of photos of different celebrities but as I watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim's style became more classic and clear to me.  First off, these aren't always going to be the cheapest clothes.  I do not plan on going out to buy new clothes.  I am taking them from my closet and sometimes I do own expensive clothing but I will put a link where you can get a similar item for less money if that is this case.  Sorry for this HUGE intro and I am super sorry I have't been posting as often. Shall we get started?

First off this is the look I chose to work off of.  A trend in Kim's style is a plain t-shirt, skinny jeans, some heels and a blazer and that is what I decided to recreate in my look today.  Also, in my look I'll have a scarf on because Kim is wearing a scarf in the picture.  Speaking of accessories, Kim always has a sort of statement accessory whether it's jewellery, scarves, hats, sunglasses or bags.

This is the outfit I put together.  I changed it up a bit and I hope you all will read on to look at the elements in my look.

The top I chose to wear is from Abercrombie Kids.  It's this lace top (I have a tank top underneath) and I really like it.  I love the lace pattern and I thought I would make the outfit more interesting by adding a detailed top.  This top was about $13 dollars.  I can't find it online but they probably have it in stores.

My blazer!  I was supposed to wear a black one but my mom wore it our to dinner tonight.  Mine is from the brand Talula but I found this one from Forever 21 which is only $33.  It's not a Kim Kardashian look without a blazer.

Kim Kardashian is always wearing jeans.  In the picture, her jeans are light washed but I prefer mine dark.  The jeans I'm wearing are from 7 For All Mankind.  I got them for about $40 at Saks Fifth Off Fifth which is a great price.  I know $40 is a lot to pay for for some people so I found these jeggings at American Eagle for $30.

The last element is one of my personal favourites, booties!  I adore booties and I purposely found a picture of her wearing booties.  The booties I'm wearing are from Ann Taylor LOFT.  I got them last year so good luck finding these exact ones but there are tonnes of other places that sell them.  I found these Steve Madden ones, although they are a bit more expensive, I think it's worth investing for when it comes to shoes.

So that is all for my first ever, Style On A Budget.  I look forward to do so many more of these for you.  However,  I don't know which celebrities you would like to see.  Leave me a comment with a celebrity, a character from a movie or TV show, an everyday person you saw on Tumblr or a link to a picture.  Thanks for reading and I hope you had a fantastical time.



  1. oooh, love love this post!
    even though i despise kim kardashian and all that she stands for, i can't help but be jealous of all of the makeup and clothes and hair extensions that she has the ability to afford.
    adorable blog, by the way! i'll be checking back often for sure!
    take care :)


  2. Thanks,
    I'm not a fan of Kim either but I am jealous too!
    Thank-you so much, that means so much!