Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beauty Wishlist: September 13, 2011

Hey beauties,

Today, I'm writing my monthly wishlist post.  I didn't get anything from last months simply because I haven't really been shopping lately.  These wishlists are kind of out there and just stuff I would love to have.  So keep reading so you know my wishlist for September.

Moschino is a designer brand famous for their bags and of course belts.  I think their belts are so cute and I've been seeing them a lot lately.  Why don't I get one?  Even though Moschino is supposed to be affordable, this belt is $295 plus there's no where to buy Moschino in Canada.  If you do know a place where to buy Moschino let me know in the comments!

I have been admiring this heel for months and months on end.  It's a nude peep toe with silver-grey spikes and studs on the back and heel.  There are so many different colours and styles of this.  I heard they have a bootie version, a flat version and a pump version.  These would be some killer heels to own.

I am obsessed with these boots!  I really want riding boots and the ultimate riding boot would be the Miu Miu Napa Leather Half Zip Trouser Boot but those are a hefty $950 while the Tory Burch ones are half the price and still adorable!

So.... as you can tell I'm a bit shoe-obsessed.  For a while, I've been trying to find the perfect combat boots and I think I have found them.  I tried on these Steve Madden grunge boots and I loved them on and I think I HAVE to buy them now.  I am in love with the perfect grunge boot!

I have a new obsession of bows.  I was looking through Kate Spade's website the other day and stumbled across this bow ring.  Not only is it super cute but it's not as expensive as you would think.  It's short of $50 actually, which is not bad at all.  

I hope y'all enjoyed this month's wishlist and I am super sorry that I have a crazy obsession with shoes which was half this wishlist.  Leave me a comment below on what your favourite shoes are and I shall google them.  Have a fantismal night/day!  

Good Night, XO!  (Or.... good morning?)