Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update: Europe!

Hey y'all so in about 2 weeks I am going on a plane to leave for France!  Yes, I am going to Europe, specifically France and England!  I am super-pumped about this trip, I have been counting down since 43 days ( trust me I have a countdown in my BBM name).  I have already posted a discussion about what should I pack for Europe (feel free to click the link to help!) on one of my new favourite sites elleandblair.com.

Eiffel Tower - Paris, France
I am staying in Europe for 10 days and I have a lot to see and do.  I have been to Europe before but this is the longest time period I will be gone for.  So....

London, England

I wanted to ask y'all a few questions!  Firstly, would you like me to blog about my experience there?  I will not be offended if you say 'no' by any means so feel free to voice your opinions!  I just thought it might be a great opportunity for some of y'all to see and experience Europe as if you were there.  Most of the pictures if not all of the pictures will be the scenery there.  I would not actually blog about it until I get back as I am not bringing my laptop but an iPad instead (my dad doesn't want anything happening to my MacBook Pro).  Secondly, have you ever been to Europe and where in Europe?  Tell me how your experience was!  I really wanted to know if any of you have been or live(d) in Italia (Italy) because I am part Italian, but I never got an opportunity to go.

Europe Attractions

Now for the non-related questions: this summer I am going to Turks and Caicos but I will not do a blog post on that so if I am MIA for a bit just understand that's why.  Also, I will be camping in August for a bit so do not expect too many blog posts.  The reason why I am telling you this now is because I doubt y'all want to read through another update.  Lastly, would you like "Look For Less" posts where I find a celebrity picture or any picture and find cheaper clothing items that can duplicate the look?  Please let me know!

Tayyy <3


  1. Oh my god!! I would love if you could do the blog post on your experience going to Europe! I'm going at the end of july! I can't wait!! and it would help me A TON!!! if you could give me tips about what makeup to take, what outfits would you recommend, how was the weather and any things you learned about the places you where at. I'm going to france, england, italy and rome!! :D It would really help if you could tell me something!! :D (or even putting a comment about tips on my blog if you can't do the post)
    thank you very much

    ☆ Bereniice ☆

  2. OMG! It's going to be so fun trust me! My advice is to bring shorts and tanks 'cause when i went everyone said it was going to be hot yet it was like 30 degrees. you might want to bring some sweaters/cardigans and it tends to rain in london. france has amazing fashion so don't bring too much 'cause you'll end up buying some clothes there. my biggest mistake was overpacking. take minimal things 'cause i guarantee you'll be shopping. In france check out the champs d'elysses -- their sephora has a mac counter. go to lafayette and printemps, their are shops like H&M and zara everywhere. In london, oxford street is amazing. i had so much fun inside harrods even if you won't buy anything looking around is fun. In london check out topshop, i love their clothes and i wish i bought more. as for italy i've never been (strange since i'm part italian) but, i heard its really hot there. oh and in france be sure to speak french to get people's attention then start speaking english same thing in italy. have fun la bella berenice <3

    xoxo, tayy

  3. oh and the "look for less" is a great idea!! :D