Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tips and Tricks: Get Healthy Looking Skin!

Hey girls!  So today I will be sharing with you some tips and tricks that can help you achieve healthy radiant skin.  I know a lot of girls do not have perfect skin but as usual we want what we cannot have, unless you have perfect skin.  So hopefully I can help you with a bit of skin trouble.  Feel free to leave your tips down below in the comments section!

1. Drink Lots of Water: 

I know this is a commonly said one, the reason being water flushes unwanted toxins from your body - the same toxins that cause your skin problems.  Drink about 8 glasses of water a day, it will not work overnight but in the long run you will see a difference.  Staying hydrated is essential for glowing skin.

2. Eat Fruits and Veggies:

This one is also commonly said, if you want healthy skin you need to start with a healthy diet.  Fried food does break you out while fruits and veggies are healthy and are also great to prevent wrinkles!

3. Take Off Your Make-Up Before You Sleep:

This is super important if you want clear skin.  If you choose not to take off your make-up it can end up clogging your pores which causes unwanted break-outs.  Also, you skin needs to breathe, if you can avoid putting on make-up for a day!  

4. Get A Lot of Sleep:

My dermatologist really stressed this one to me.  As a teen I know that I don't always get the 10 to 12 hours needed (YES! If you are a teen you need 10-12 not 8) , in fact I only get that much sleep on Sundays.  Unfortunately not getting your required amount of sleep is what causes skin irritations and problems.  While you sleep growth hormones peak and start cell and tissue repair.

5. Watch Out For The Sun:

Always wear sunscreen when exposed to the Sun.  Excessive sun exposure can cause your skin to irritate.  On a daily basis wear a face product with SPF in it, in pictures it is not ideal but if you want great skin keep it up on a daily basis.

6. Wash Your Face:

On top of the taking off your make-up I suggest you get a face wash, one that works for your skin.  Wash your face after you remove your make-up to ensure nothing is left over.  I would recommend getting one from a dermatologist, I use "pHisioHex" which is an antibacterial sudsing emulsion.  It works great for my skin paired with my spot treatment.

7. Use a Good Spot Treatment:
*This is not my spot treatment, I used it and it did not work for my skin

Using a spot treatment targets your little "imperfection" and depending on the spot treatment gets rid of it (usually by drying it out).  Remember to only apply this on your imperfections as it is concentrated and some maybe drying.

8. Exfoliate:

Exfoliating gets all the dead skin off your face.  If you want smooth skin use an exfoliater about once a week.  Using it everyday may cause your skin damage as it is rough on your skin.  Do not over rub as well for the exact because it might strip your skin.


  1. hey, great post, those are very helpful tips, that i will endeavour to follow. my skin is a bit annoyed at me at the moment and not looking its best, and it doesn't help the its getting colder here (i'm from australia).

  2. hii! thanks, I hope your skin gets better, I know its not fun when when your skin is being irritating. I've always wanted to go to Australia, I live in Canada. I hoped I helped.
    xx, tayy <3