Sunday, April 10, 2011

Haul: April 9, 20ll - Forever 21, Aritzia, Pink, Sephora and MORE!

So yesterday I went shopping and picked up a lot!  Since, I am going to Europe I needed to pick up a few things.  This is probably going to be quite long so let's start!

Item #1:
love 21 Relaxed Tencel Top 
I picked up this cute top at Forever 21 for $13.50 I think... I actually do not have the tag anymore.  I love the colour of it!  It is quite sheer and baggy so to add some shape I wear a belt under my bust of at my waist.  I think this is so easy to pull off!

Item #2:
Heritage 1981 Basic Top Short Sleeve V Navy
I actually was not able to find this on the website so I snapped a picture of it with my webcam.  Anyway, this is a crop top and I know I have a lot of crop tops but this one has a V-Neck!  Oh, this is from Forever 21.  I think this would be super cute under denim jean shorts!

Item #3:
Wilfred Simone Breton Stripe T-Shirt
I got this cute find at Aritzia, one of my favourite stores.  It is a crop top.. go figure!  It is a twist on the nautical theme as the base colour is heather grey!  There is a white one but I already have a white and navy crop top.  This is probably my favourite crop top I own!

Item #4:
TNA Knee High Socks
I personally LOVE knee high socks, I have at least 7 pairs of them from TNA!  I once again had to snap a picture but you can get these at Aritzia.  These ones are black with a white stripes and a white TNA sign.

Item #5:

Victoria's Secret PINK Sleep Boxer
NOOO!  I did not get all of them I got the blue plaid one on the right column, third one down!  On it it says "You Snooze You Lose" which is descent compared to what some of the other ones say.  I just love sleeping in boxers right now, so I will be bringing them to Europe.

Item #6:
VS Pink Swim Bikini Top
I could NOT find it on the website once again, but this was too cute to pass up!  It's a string, triangle bikini top with black an white plaid and hot pink fringe detailing!  It is sooooo cute!

Item #7:
VS Pink Swim Bikini String Bottom
Hence, the matching bottoms!  It has the same pattern and detailing.  But at the back there is rushing detailing in the centre.  Also there is grey metal pieces to attach the string.

Item #8:
VS Pink Everyday Zip Hoodie

This is not the exact one I got, because PINK fails to have it on the site and it was harder to photograph. Mine is actually baby blue and has not writing, the only writing is IN the sweater in white where it says "LOVE PINK".  I got mine in a size up - Small so it would fit loosely.  Lately all girls have been doing it, bright, loose hoodies.  For that "boyfriend" look.

** NOTE: I got some other things at PINK that I will not show you for obvious reasons

Item #9:
Tweezerman 10x Magnification Light Up Travel Mirror
Since I am travelling I needed a good mirror, so I picked this up!  I LOVE IT!  You see everything, it is better than my make-up mirror.  One thing I love seeing with this is my pupils dilate, yes, you can actually see your pupils grow and shrink with this.  I figured the hotel will have a mirror but probably not a light-up magnified mirrored.  PS: It is BOMB for plucking your brows!

Item #10:
Sephora: Benefit Feelin' Cheeky! Minis
I found this so cute, and as I mentioned in my wish-list post, I really wanted this as I have never tried any of them.  They are quite small, but they are decently sized as well.

Item #11:
Kinder Egg Hunt Kit
I'll be honest, this is my second one is 3 weeks.  I finished my first one and I am almost finished my giant egg.  I love chocolate... if you couldn't tell.  I love Kinder, it is one of my favourite chocolate brands.

Item #12:
Oral B Crest 3D White Pulsar Brush
 My new favourite toothbrush!  If you haven't heard of this brush yet it is a manual brush but it vibrates.  It is pricey but I got a pack of 4 for $16, which is a pretty good deal.  I am loving this brush so far!  I will most certainly be re-puchasing this - as well as the toothpaste which is my favourite as well.

Item #13:
7 For All Mankind Roxanne Skinny Brushed Indigo
I actually got these for free.  My brother's girlfriend gave me them.  I love 7 jeans, they are my favourite jeans brand.  Actually I take that back, True Religion and 7s are my favourite.  The way they fot and look is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Item #14:
Burberry Nova Check Portrait Tote
AHHHHHHHHH!!! YESSS!  I got it!!! Okay, CALM DOWN!  As I have mentioned before on my blog, I wanted this tote for Europe.  I went to the mall yesterday, and I could not find it on the website anymore, so I was discouraged when I got to the mall.  I went to Holt Renfrew, where I originally found the bag and it was not there.  I went to Burberry and it was there, so I snatched up the LAST ONE!  I absolutely love it and the service was superb and you should see the packaging!

The packaging!
I know fancy!  I can't wait to use it and when I do a "What's In My Purse?" Post will be up!  Oh, on a side not I am still working on the Tory Burch Reva Flats Review.

I hope you enjoyed this post



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  2. Oh, I agree. I've been to one in Woodbury outlets and I got 7s at Saks 5th off 5th for $40! i got true religions for $50 at an outlet. Unfortunately I have none close by to me :(