Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little About Me: DANCE!

Hey y'all, so I have received a few personal messages about dance because I do mention it a lot.  As you can tell I am a dancer.  I have been dancing since the age of 6!  So, I started a long time ago.  I do dance competition and I am in the "professional" dance class at my school - my school focuses on the arts and sports (by arts their are special classes where auditions are required, the elements are: visual, vocal, instrumental, drama and dance).  Dance is one of my classes at school, it is a full period and I get graded on it.  I also dance in a studio where I take tap, jazz, ballet, acro and modern (contemporary).

Dance is my main hobby and I dance about 5-7 times a week!  I know that's a lot, and how do I juggle that with school work?  During competition season (which is right now), all else in my life freezes!  That means I drop guitar and skip some school days for competition.

Dance takes a lot of work and involves a bunch of cute and interesting costumes.  Not everyone can be a dancer, it is not easy.  I am not by any means a "black swan" in fact ballet is my least favourite class, but unfortunately it is a basic.  All the dancers at my school pretty much have the same schedule when it comes to dance.  Try dance out if you really want to but I must warn you it can cost a lot, costumes can be up to $200 and plus the shoes must always be replaced.  However, dance is one of the main reasons I am into make-up!

xx, tayy!


  1. Wow...can I transfer to your school? lol! I plan on taking dance classes this summer (beginner's), since apparently dance is supposed to help actors with knowing how their body moves so they don't end up in awkward poses. I'm also doing it for the health aspect, I'm basically a lazy bum and doing something fun like dancing is sure to get me moving!

    Any tips? :)

  2. crose: for sure! Yea, in my school all the actors have to take 2 weeks of dance - like a beginner's class- to help their body at the beginning of each semester, so I guess it really does help. It is super fun, if you are doing it as a fitness aspect than you might want to try tap or jazz since they require a lot of energy but the actors at my school have to take ballet and contemporary. I love contemp. it really helps your body so that would be great to take too! And when dancing always wear your comfiest outfit, it will help a tonne. Lots of people like wearing really baggy clothes or like booty dance shorts! Just go dance, I promise you'll have so much fun!