Monday, October 31, 2011

Tag: Halloween

Hey lovlies,

So about half an hour ago I came back from trick or treating with a group of my friends and now Halloween is coming to a close so I thought to end Halloween 2011 with the Halloween tag so here we go!

1. Favorite Halloween movie?
I already answered this but Halloween Town!  I'm not a fan of scary movies so I'm gonna stick with my Disney Channel ones!

2. What age did you stop trick-or-treating?

I stopped two years ago but I went out this year so I just took a short break!

3. Favorite Halloween costume you have worn?

I actually don't know I guess my princess ones from when I was little...

4. What are you going to be this year?

I was Minnie Mouse!

5. Do you like going to haunted attractions?

... NO!  I hate them SOOOO much!  There are a bunch of haunted mazes in my town or around but I never go because I'm terrified!

6. Vampires or werewolves?

Why? Why do I have to choose?  So on team werewolves there's Taylor Lautner (my husband), Micheal Trevino (Tyler Lockwood from TVD) and on team vampires there's Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) and Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore).  I just can't...

7.Favorite Halloween candy?
Those hamburger things... YUM!  Does anyone know what I'm talking about?  They're like hamburger gummies that I haven't had in forever!

8.Do you decorate your house!
No, I've never decorated my house for Halloween because I'm never in my neighbourhood for Halloween.

9.Least favorite costume
Boxer... that was a DISASTER!

10.Have u ever repeated a costume and what was it?

I'm good about not repeating costumes actually, I'll be the same thing just dress it up completely differently.

11.Do you believe in ghosts?

No, but I'm terrified of them!  That doesn't make sense...

12.Scariest Halloween 

That's a whole other blog post!  I'll tell that one soon I promise!

So that was the Halloween tag, I hope y'all had a safe and fun Halloween and what were you for Halloween this year if you dressed up?  I would live to know for inspiration for next year!  Please vote for me for the Handmade reviews Beauty Blog Awards and enter my BCA giveaway!



  1. I love those hamburger candies! I used to get them all the time when I was little! Haven't had one in soooo long!

  2. I know! Do they even make they anymore? I've been craving them since Halloween!