Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Look For It: OPI Nicki Minaj

Hey y'all,

I have a new Look For It for today and I cannot wait to share with you this new amazing collection!  OPI has done it again everyone!  How they come out with new amazingness all the time beats me but I have to admit, this collection is nothing like I've seen before, which is expected when we're talking about Nicki Minaj.

First off, I knew there were some colours I would love but not this many.  When I think of Nicki I think of someone who is really outgoing and creative.  I expected this collection to be two things: sparkle and hot pink.  When I saw the promo pictures I freaked so here are the nail polishes, just click on the picture to see a it bigger if needed!

I absolutely love the spin off of the names they did.  So now I'm going to give a brief description of each nail polish and for the record I did not make these up since I did not actually see them yet.

Superbass Shatter: " A record setting purple that 'shatters' your eyes"
Save Me: "I drove for miles just to find this silver-rainbow glitter"
Metal 4 Life/Metallic 4 Life: "This charcoal sparkle flies with stars in the skies"
Fly: "I came to win, to fight and... to wear this aqua"
Did It On 'Em: "A lusty little laquer that loves the 'lime' light"
Pink Friday: "Kick off the weekend with this pop! of bubblegum pink"

I'm really excited about Metal 4 Life/ Metallic 4 Life since I've heard both ways I'm not really sure.  It looks really pretty and is not like anything I own.  So that is all for today!  Let me know what you would like to get out of this collection and I believe it releases in Spring 2012 so look out for it!  Byee!  Oh, please vote for me and enter me giveaway if you haven't already!


  1. Oooh, some of these look really good! Can't wait to get my hands on a few of them :) is my blog if you wanna have a quick look or even follow back?
    Thanks :) xx

  2. I know, I'm excited for this one.
    Sure, I'll check it out :)