Monday, August 29, 2011

Haul: California & Some Random Stuff - August 21, 2011 - August 29, 2011

It's been a long time since I've actually sat down to write a post although I posted quite a bit while I was on vacation.  I tried something different with my haul today, I actually tried the clothes on.   I hope you all enjoyed and I'm so sorry for doing 2 hauls in a row!

I absolutely LOVE the Goody Spin Pins,  but they are usuaully $6 - $10 for 2-3 pins, what a rip I know. I got mine on sale today at my drugstore for $3, still kind of expensive but I use mine all the time.  I highly recommend these!

At my Shoppers, Annabelle was having a sale on their eyeshadows and their cases, so I picked up the case for $2.99 and all the eyeshadows for $2.99 each.  The top left one is called Gold Digger, the top right one is called Devine Diva, the bottom left one is called Bronzed Idol and the bottom right one is called Vanilla Chilla.  I love Annabelle eyeshadows since they are cheap and comparable to MAC eyeshadows.

I also picked up this GOSH eyeliner in Cool Mint which kind of reminds me of Sephora Nano Eyeliner in Silver Green.  I have the mini version of the Sephora one which I got as a Sephora Birthday Gift last year and I use on my waterline all the time. 

I was running low on make up removing wipes so I got my favourite ones which are from MAC.  I got the 45 sheets since my MAC only had those ones instead of the 100 pack.  Just some notice:  MAC will not be receiving any time of make-up wipes for awhile.  They are made in Japan and are unable to get them in stores, so if you need to get your MAC wipes, get them now.

I went to a Coach Outlet last Sunday after my trip to Muskoka and I found this amazingly cute wallet for only $98 plus an additional 30% off.  It's just SO cute.  I absolutely adore this wallet and the colour scheme of it too!  It was well used in Cali, that is for sure. 

I forgot to take a picture of this but I also got this at Coach.  It's a large silver sequinned clutch.  Can you imagine this at night while wearing a little black dress and nude heels?  I just had to buy it for $78 plus that extra 30% off!  

Jumping into the things I bought at California, I bought these adorable studded bow earrings from Betsey Johnson for $25.  Betsey Johnson's stuff is just so adorable and these earrings are NO exception.  On Betsey Johnson's website they are called the Crystal Bow Stud Earrings.   

Call me crazy but I bought a lipstick holder at The Container Store in California.  This holds 24 lipsticks and I love it.  CANADA NEEDS A CONTAINER STORE.  I probably spent a good 2 hours in there in awe and this baby was only $6.99.

I also went to Abercrombie & Fitch and their yoga pants were on sale.  I love Abercrombie's yoga pants for the fit, they are the definition of comfort while still looking really cute!  I got mine in heather grey since I couldn't find any black.

I also went to Aritzia there and the prices are the same in Canada BUT their sale section is amazing!  I got the Wilfred Bustier Tank Top with this weird fruit print of it for $9.99, like $10 for Aritzia clothes THANK YOU!

I also got this dress at Aritzia for $14.99, it's a really cute white bustier top a black stretch band at the waist and a pink bottom with pockets.  It's but the brand Talula.

The last thing I got at Aritzia were these grey TNA shorts.  The original price is $35 but I paid only $7.50 for them and I have never seen TNA for $7.50.

I went to Free People and found this really cute top for $19.95 on the sale rack.  I went to go pay for it when the cashier informed me it's an additional 25% off so my total became around $16.  I love the back crochet detailing.  You can see the difference in quality and plus Free People bags are so CUTE!

I went to Kohl's as well and picked up these LC by Lauren Conrad sunglasses for $9.99.  I was stupid enough to forget mine but I love these oversized glasses.  The whole LC collection is amazing and worth a look at.

Also from the LC by Lauren Conrad line I got the ruffle purple-bleue top from the High Tea collection for $10.20.  I love this top from top to bottom and the price was amazing considering it was $34.

 I also picked up this from the LC by Lauren Conrad line and it was originally $34 from the American Beauty collection and came down to $17.  It is so cute and I love the colour.  If you go check out the LC collection have a look at the Blush Hour collection, it is more expensive but really cute.  I'm waiting for the collection to get a bit older so it comes down to 50% off or maybe even 70%.

I went to this cute shop called Pink Stripes and found this dress for $35, the lady at the store gave us an additional 40% off and itv ended up being around $22.  It's a really pretty blue plus it has pockets which I adore.

Do not laugh at me for being a child but I love getting stuffed animals when I go somewhere as a reminder.  Yes, I bought a dolphin pillow pet and he's a boy names Cally for you know California... where he was born.

The last item I actually bought back in my hometown.  It's from H&M and it's the sheer black lace 3/4 length top.  It's so cute and my mom bought a similar one 2 weeks ago from Urban Outfitters for $58.  The H&M one was only $19.95.

So that is it for my haul today, I tried to keep it short and sweet but it's probably took you 30 mintues to read.  I'm gonna lay off posting so many posts in a week and keep it to 2-4 a week.  Hope you all enjoyed and I will write to you soon!


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  1. Love the white-pink dress and the back crochet detailing :)

  2. Thank-you for you input, I love those too!

  3. love the wallet and clutch! so pretty.

  4. Thanks Candice; I love the wallet :)