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Taylor's Favourites: Drugstore Eyeshadows (Cream & Powder) & Swatches

Hey beauties,

I have come up with the BRILLIANT idea to pre-write blog posts for my upcoming trips, so if you read my update and was like "Hey, you said you weren't gonna be here this week 'cause you're in some unknown place that I don't care about" I am, but that place (if you're reading this) has internet connection/ wi-fi and will let my access my blogger account.  Today's post as you can tell from the title will be my favourite drugstore eyeshadows from cream to powder.  A little fact: I don't like eyeshadow too much, I rarely wear it and kind of find it unnecessary, regardless I do have favourites that I reach for and these are some of them.

Maybelline Velvet Crush Quad

Top: L-R Lid, Crease
Bottom: L-R Brow Bone Outer Corner
Purple eyeshadows are one of the most universally flattering things you can do for your eyes.  Purple makes any eye colour pop, I have brown eyes and anything purple makes them much more noticeable.  I have a friend who has grey-blue eyes and purple does wonders for her eyes too.  It's a fact, purple can make ANY eye colour pop but it can be intimidating to wear sometimes.  This is why I like Velvet Crush, it's purple but it's a more toned down version.

L-R Lid, Crease, Brow Bone, Outer Corner
 Here are the swatches (above) of Velvet Crush, as you can see they kind of have a silver-blue undertone and I'm sure if you search it up on YouTube you'll find such cute and creative tutorials using only this $10 quad.  The shadows are super-pigmented and are very easy to apply and blend.

CoverGirl Shimmering Sands Trio

L-R Darkest to Lightest
 The CoverGirl Shimmering Sands trio is a cult favourite and has been one for years.  It's under $5 and has amazingly stunning neutrals.  Be careful with CG eyeshadows though because they are usually hit or miss products.  This was one of my first EVER products and I do not regret it one bit.  In fact, I will re-purchase this for the rest of my life.

L-R: Darkest ro Lightest
 As you can tell from the swatch (above) the eyeshadows are exceptionally pigmented.  This is certainly not a waste of product.  The Shimmering Sands trio feels like it glides right on when you apply it.  A little tip is to tap off all the access since these are so pigmented.

CoverGirl Tapestry Taupe

This eyeshadow is a medium brown colour.  It really isn't "taupe" to me so the name is a bit misleading.  Instead it's a really pretty lid/crease colour.  I think if you were to go on one of those "just wear one eyeshadow" days I would reach for this one.  It's a universally flattering colour and since it's so simple you wouldn't look overdone, you'd just look like a natural beauty.

This eyeshadow isn't the most pigmented, I'll admit.  However, it does give your eyes that extra little spark and looks so cute on.  Even though it's simple people will surly ask you what that gorgeous eyeshadow you're wearing is.  This single eyeshadow is only $2 (at least that's how much I paid for it).  It's formulation is very smooth, think Urban Decay NAKED Palette smooth.

Almay Intese I-Color 01 Trio For Browns

This Almay Trio has been around forever and I believe they upgraded their packaging.  I like the fact that they have a specific trio designed for each eye colour.  The Trio For Browns one has the 'fun' colour as a purple (remember: purple makes your eyes pop).  I use this purple as a liner all the time, which explains how I hit pan.  This actually comes with a sponge tip applicator but it's very cheap so I threw it out.  The highlight colour is a dupe for a limited edition MAC colour called "Soft Force".

This has probably got to be the BEST drugstore eyeshadow formulation in the world.  I kid you not, you touch these and the colour pay-off is amazing and plus the application is so easy and effortless. The only colour I had a hard time swatching was the purple because there was practically none of it left.

L'Oreal For Brown Eyes Summer Dusk

This quad is amazing for beginners because the eyeshadows are labelled 1, 2, 3 & 4.  On the back is the steps to achieve an everyday look.  Personally I have never tried the look on the back as I'm more creative and want to do things the hard way.  I've used so much of this product that the numbers have actually worn off.  The colours just compliment each other so well and you have a perfect eye looke for about $10.

L-R: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right
 The skintone shade in this is probably my favourite (top right).  It is a bit pink-toned which adds a little bit of playfulness to your eyelid.  If you dislike pink eyeshadow stay away from this quad though because all the eyeshadows are red/pink based minus the highlight.  The pigmentation isn't the greatest and neither is the application but these last a long time and are true to colour so you do not need a primer.

Annabelle Eyeshadow in Glow

Annabelle's single eyeshadows remind me so much of MAC eyeshadows in texture, pigmentation and look.  If you want good MAC dupes then check out Annabelle.  I believe this was a dupe for Electra, but I am not sure since I don't own Electra.  They have the same amount of product as a MAC eyeshadow but this one is only $6.

The pigmentation is just phenomenal.  I know for sure they do not have the advanced colour selection as MAC but all the cult favourites will probably have a dupe somewhere in the Annabelle line.  These are definitely worth it to take a look at.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
L-R: Dark Brown, Iced Mocha, French Fries, Baby Blue
 These are the only cream eyeshadows I own from the drugstore for a good reason.  Obviously the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are a cult favourite so I won't go into too much detail with them since 1000 people have already done reviews on them and raved on and on about them.  By the way: Iced Mocha is black because it's supposed to be a lip pencil although other people have it as an eye pencil.  These retail for about $3 each.

L-R Dark Brown, Iced Mocha, French Fries, Baby Blue
As you probably know, these are known for being super pigmented and easy to use.  You do need to blend them or they will crease.  Unfortunately, theses crease super easily so be careful especially when you're working with dark colours like Dark Brown.  My favourite ones are Iced Mocha and French Fries.

So those were my favourite drugstore eyeshadows.  I hoped this post kept you entertained for some time.  Hopefully, you will be seeing more posts from me soon.

Taylor, xoxo.

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