Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Cutest Nail Polish EVER ?!

Hey everyone,

I feel so bad that I haven't making too much time to blog but this weekend I went to the mall and decided to go in Holt Renfrew (which is the Canadian equivalent to Saks Fifth Avenue/ Neiman Marcus).  I was walking around when I came across a Deborah Lippmann nail polish display.  I was looking at all the nail polish and out of all the beautiful colours one caught my eye and looked familiar.  When I got home I was determined to find out where I saw this polish (which I purchased) and I found out Fleur De Force created a nail polish of the day featuring this polish.
Like my new wall colour? 
The nail polish comes in this plastic box which I keep on because I'm strange and I feel the need to hoard everything.  The nail polish has 15 mL of product in it which is the same amount as an OPI polish.  However this is over twice the price for $22.  I know don't scream at me, I would normally NEVER spend this much on a nail polish but it's just so amazing!
 The nail polish is called "Happy Birthday" which I'm sure you were all wondering.  It is a glitter polish (I use it as a top coat) with all different colour sparkles.  It looks great over every colour and just adds a little fun to all your nails.  It is the prettiest and smoothest glitter polish I has ever seen and applied.
I know I said I use it as a top coat but I know people just use it as a glitter polish.  This is two coats of the polish so to make it opaque you would probably need 4 coats.  I just apply one coat to my nails to make them more fun.  I think this would look so pretty over a cream black nail polish, it would probably look like stars.  Happy Birthday is without a doubt my favourite nail polish of all time.  It was definitely worth every penny.

Taylor, xoxo.

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  1. Wow, that nail polish looks amazing!

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  2. Such a cool nailpolish!! I wanna have this!


  3. I nominated you :)

  4. Agnes: If you can splurge on it, then do it!

    Stella Rose: OMG! Thank-you so much!