Saturday, November 12, 2011

Haul: Buffalo - November 11, 2011

Hey y'all!

So yesterday me mom and dad were off work for Remembrance Day (or Vetrans' Day in the US/ 11.11.11).  So we decided to go to Buffalo for the day and lucky for me one of my favourite stores, Urban Outfitters was having a 50% off sale so I got some great stuff from there.  

This first thing is from Sephora.  In my last wishlisht, I said I wanted this kit.  This is the Benefit Project Flawless make-up kit.  IT comes with a full sized Bella Bamba blush, a full sized Ultra Shines Lipgloss in Foxy Lady a mini BadGal Lash and a mini Girl Meets Pearl.  It was $32 but I had a 20% off coupon so it was like $28 total!

One of my close family friends dropped off some never-used or opened perfumes at my house the other day and I took all 3 of them the first one is the Harajuku Lovers LOVE perfume.  LOVE is more exotic and floral than the others.  

The next perfume I was OVER THE DAMN MOON UNIVERSE about!  I've wanted this perfume for the longest time!  If you've been a follower of my blog for awhile like a really long time you would've seen this on my first ever Beauty Wishlist: February (along with Bella Bamba blush which I also got).  Vera Wang Princess is classified as an oriental and tropical scent with notes of water lily, dark chocolate, vanilla and a bunch more!

The last perfume is Harajuku Lovers MUSIC perfume.  This perfume is more fruity than LOVE with notes of pear, clementine, honey suckle and sleek woods involved.  I think I'll like this one a lot better than LOVE. It seems more of my taste in perfumes but you never know unless you try!

I went to Urban Outfitters and as I was checking out I saw this nail polish and the first thing I thought of was DEBORAH LIPPMANN!  It looks so similar to Deborah Lippmann's Today Was A Fairytale but it was only $4 (2 for $8).  This is the Urban Outfitters Nail Polish in Dust!

Since it was 2 for $8 rather than one for $5 I decided to get Urban Outfitter's Early Morning which is a fine glitter gold.  I thought it would be a good colour just to have.  I hope these polishes are good quality because I saw tonnes more I would have grabbed!

As I mentioned UO was having this giant 50% off sale and well... I went CRAZY!  This first top is by the brand Title Unknown.  The orginal price was $29 but this bargain hunter got it for only $10! That is right!

The next item is by the brand Staring At Stars!  Its a all lace 3/4 sleeve length navy sweater.  The orginal price of this cute sweater was $49... OUCH!  I got it for.... $10 .... TEN! Are you convinced you NEED to go to UO now.  You can read later, GO!

The next top is also by Staring at Stars.  It's called the Textured Spliced High/Low Top and it was originally $44 but I got it for only $15!  This sale was CRAZY worth the drive.  Honestly UO has such cute clothes but they can get pricy!

And we have yet another Staring At Stars product!  On the website it's known as the Marled Wide Open Placket Cardigan.  I got it in purple which they don't have on the website.  The original price of this was $49 but I bought this for $15.

OKAY! DEAL OF THE DAY RIGHT HERE!  This is my favourite item I got!  It's the Sparkle & Fade ColorBlock Dress.  It is so cute and I plan on wearing it for New Year's.  It is originally $59 but I got it for only $15!  Any dress this cute is worth more than $15!

The last shirt is form the brand Ecote.  Not only is the front cute but the real detail is on the back! I should of took a picture!  It's way to hard to explain.  This top was $34 but I paid $10!  WAH I want Summer back just so I can wear this!

The last thing from UO is this handbag.  I just saw it and was like THAT IS MINE!  It is so cute and practical!  It's from the brand Kimichi Blue!  The original price was $49 but the sale price was $15!

The last thing I got was this cute little bracelet from J-Crew.  It's this aqua string wrapped around some rhinestones.  It was only $10.  I actually wish I got more colours because it's so simple yet so adorable!

That is all I got from the Buffalo trip!  I hope y'all enjoyed and wish me luck -- I have a dance exam tomorrow and I am scared to death which is the reason I haven't posted much this week!  Please vote for me for the Handmade Reviews Beauty Blog Awards and there is still one a day and 10 minutes to enter my BCA giveaway!  BTYL (Blog to you later!)



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  3. wow! love all of the stuff from urban outfitters! I want to go shopping now :)

  4. Heey Ashley! Where have you been and thanks :)