Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Neighbourhood Concert - March 22nd, 2014


So a few weeks ago I went to the Neighbourhood's concert!  Oddly enough, this was my third time seeing them live but their first headlining show where I live.  I was super sick but I honestly went because I've been dying to get the Neighbourhood hoodie and I missed out the first two times (I did end up getting one this time). 

My concert outfit | Top: Aritizia (old) // Flannel: Tommy Hilfiger (old & my dad's) // Jeans: American Apparel // Shoes: Steve Madden (old)

I was actually kind of late to the concert so I missed the opening acts.  I ended up being pretty close to the front considering I got there pretty late.  The Neighbourhood was amazing live, as always however, it did suck a lot that the concert ended at 10:15 especially when they have a full album, a few EPs and a new album coming out they could have filled up the time.  The crowd was mainly teenage girls so there was a lot of pushing.  I did have a good time, despite being super sick.  Below is a video of the Neighbourhood's most popular song "Sweater Weather" performed at my concert.  If you like their sound, I would check out the songs A Little Death, Lurk, Let it Go and their new song for the new Spiderman movie, Honest.

Thank you so much for reading this post.  Be sure to leave comments below about what you think of the Neighbourhood.  I love you all, you mean the world to me.  Have an amazing week, until next time xx.


  1. Looks like a great concert! They're always killer live. Have you seen that they're song "Honest" is now a part of The Amazing Spider-man 2 soundtrack? How cool is that

    1. Yes, I have, they're new album is going to amazing. Loving what they're doing with their sound xx