Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tune Love: January 2014

Hiii all,

So today I decided to update a few of my favourite songs once again.  I get super bored of music after awhile so I felt I definitely needed to update this.  You're probably going to see some of the same artists because I listen to a lot of the same bands.  So let me just shut up and get into it.

7. Do My Thang - Miley Cyrus - Bangerz was for sure one of my favourite albums of 2013
11. Luv, Hold Me Down - Drowners - SO EXCITED FOR THEIR ALBUM!!
12. A Song About Love - Jake Bugg - Shangri-La has been on repeat lately
13. Lua - Bright Eyes - Literally my favourite song ever

I love creating these little playlists for you guys.  By the way, I do have an 8tracks account and I have some mixes on there if you enjoy indie or alternative music since that is what the mixes are based on. Feel free to follow me on there.  Also, I am still promoting my tumblr because I have been posting quite frequently on there and have been answering questions and there are a lot of outfits that I do not post on this blog so feel free to check that out.  Thank you so much for reading, you guys are all amazing.  

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