Monday, July 22, 2013

Current Favourites

Hiiiii everyone,

So in all honesty I have not been trying a lot of new products lately.  I'm pretty content with my skin and my hair lately so I don't feel the need to change anything and risk getting bad breakouts or drying out my hair.  Basically the reason I don't do monthly favourites is that I don't try out enough beauty products anymore to even attempt to do a monthly favourites post.  

Alright so those were the products that I've been using a lot lately.  I just want to add that I don't style my hair often so I usually just braid it when wet (applying the its a 10 leave in) and go to bed, take it out of the braid and scrunch it with the beach spray then control frizz with the moroccan oil and hair spray.  So that's all I've been loving let me know your top 3 favourite beauty and hair products below in the comments or link me to your favourite post.  I have a lot of posts coming up so I'm so sorry, but July is a super busy time!  Love you lots and thanks for reading xx.

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