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8123 Tour! June 26th, 2013

Hiiiiii everyone,

So yesterday I had an amazing day and an even better night.  I spent the majority of the day downtown with two of my friends, Sydney and Bella, shopping, having lunch and catching up.  It was really fun and Bella and I experienced some cultural diversity as we ate lunch at a Korean grill place where you cook your own food and it tasted amazing.

let's ignore the fact that I look super sweaty and gross thanks x!
After lunch we went down to the venue at around 4 to line up with our friends who had been outside since 9am since the concert was general admission.  As soon as we sat down I saw John O'Callaghan from The Maine walk down the street and I guess it's my experience with celebrities (sarcasm can be found in italics) but I didn't freak out or run I just admired from my seat in line.

Finally they let us in and my friends managed to get front row more or less but we got the position we wanted.  At around 6:45 Justin Richards came out from Brighten to perform and he was absolutely amazing.  During his set he called out a boy who brought out his girlfriend and he proposed to her on stage, and they both cried but it was super cute. 

Brighten performing

After Brighten performed with Sean from This Century instead of their normal bassist, the crew set up for the next band which if you guessed was This Century.  They rocked it and Joel even sang to me at one point during the set and it was so cute.

Joel from This Century performing

After that A Rocket to The Moon came out to soundcheck for a bit and I guess there were some technical difficulties but Nick Santino, the lead singer, was quite entertaining when he was talking to us.  He was funny but they did a spectacular set and I'm so happy I got to see them perform since they are breaking up after the tour making things extremely bittersweet.  Especially when Eric Halvorsen, who plays bass mentioned it.

A Rocket to the Moon minus Justin Richards - but you see his guitar 
After that was the headliner of the 8123 Tour and obviously the band I was most excited about - THE MAINE!!!! If you haven't heard of them for sure check them out they're a rock/alternative band and they're absolutely amazing.  I'll put a video of the concert either of my own footage if it uploads or off of YouTube of one of their newer songs called "Happy" but I highly recommend you check out my favourite song Whoever She Is.  The Maine was unforgettable and the finale was absolutely crazy but it the best finale I've ever seen. At the end, my favourite Kennedy gave me a guitar pick and I love him so much for that.

The Maine's set
After the concert the bands always hang out with everyone by the tour bus so obviously we had to try to meet them.  One fact about me is my dream is to marry a semi-famous (famous or up and coming is acceptable but not the ideal) Indie band member.  I'm just extremely attracted to musicians.  So I'm just going to put a bunch of pictures with me and band members although I look gross and sweaty.

Pat from The Maine 
Eric or "Halvo" from A Rocket To The Moon

My fave Kennedy from The Maine 
Alex from This Century
Justin Richards from A Rocket To The Moon & Brighten

Nick Santino (!!!) from A Rocket To The Moon
It was one of the best nights of my life even though I got home at like 2AM I'm fully ok with that because I had an amazing time.  The Maine put on an amazing show everytime and they never fail to amaze me.  In the wise words of John O "Do not let anybody tell you you're not possible"!  Thanks for reading this and I hope you have an amazing day/evening/night! Love you x

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