Monday, April 22, 2013

Style Diary: Mum's Birthday Dinner (April 20th, 2013)

Hello friends, 

In the spur of the moment decision I have decided to rename my outfit of the days and nights as Style Diaries.  Technically what I am doing is documenting my outfits for all of you in a public journal so it seems fit that I renamed it, this is just for reference that when a title says "Style Diary" its just an outfit of the day or night.

So let's get started with today's Style Diary.  So tonight, I am going to my mum's dinner party for her birthday.  We're going to eat at a semi-fancy restaurant so I decided this outfit would be blog worthy (any outfit where I don't look homeless is basically blog worthy.) So this is what I'm wearing tonight

I wore a black long sleeved cropped lace top from Topshop.

With dark wash Leigh Soft Ankle Grazer Skinnies also from Topshop (these feel heavenly).

As for accessories I wore one of my own flower crowns from BeauxBoutique and earrings which were not photographed since I have no idea where I got them from (courtesy of mum's accessories stash).

For shoes I wore my Jeffery Campbell Litas in Beige Suede that I bought from B2.  

So that was my style diary of tonight so I hope you all enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to making more of these posts and hopefully a spring lookbook when I get time to do that but for sure more Style Diaries as they are easier to write and take photos of.  Thank you all for reading, I love you so much x.

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