Saturday, April 20, 2013

Getting Artsy

Hi all,

So today this is a half beauty half thoughts post on my wonderful and craftsy day with one of my best friends Melissa.  So today, Melissa came over to my house for what we jokingly called "Slavery Day". Basically, we decided to start a "business" back in January to make hair bows but since I'm obsessed with flower crowns I insisted we make flower crowns as well.  So Mel came over today so we could watch Gossip Girl and make some bows and flower crowns.

So basically we made a huge mess in on mt living room floor but as you can see from the (pixel-y) instagram photo I uploaded it was quite a task but it was fun and a lot of our friends like our flower crowns. So we made a lot of flower crowns and here are some of the ones we made....

And now here are the bows we made....

We had so much fun and it's a great bonding experience to make them.  To be honest, it makes me sad knowing we're selling the flower crowns, they're all so pretty and I just want to keep them all!  Here's a group shot of everything we made minus the two crowns we made with the left over branches and flowers after via Mel's instagram

Now... me being the flower child and egoistical person I am, well I decided to have a mini selfie session with me in the flower crowns and took my love for editing phone apps to make a new display picture for my twitter and instagram and tumblr and even my picture on here so here are some selfies.

As I mentioned before, all of these things are on sale.  We tried setting up an Etsy shop but currently we just have an Instagram @BeauxBoutique and an e-mail for orders if you are interested.  But mainly this post is to prove to everyone that I am truly a flower child and making my obsession with flower crowns has gone way too far.  If you guys want a tutorial on how to make flower crowns let me know in the comments.  Thank you so much for reading, I love you all x

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