Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wishlist: September 2012

Hey girls,

So I started school this week and I've been so busy so I felt you guys deserved a real post instead of a questionnaire since I didn't do last week's since I was at the cottage for Labour Day weekend. So I haven't done a wish list in awhile and this is the perfect time to do one..  I really want to do a "How I Style: Collared Shirts" but I'm still waiting on my camera to be fixed.  This really has not been my blogging year.  Well this intro is just boring and me updating you which I do way too often... I'm also trying to update my blog's look but that might take awhile because I suck with this stuff.  So here's some new things that I want.

I've seen so many shoes like these recently but these Zara ones are the ones I love the most.  I know Steve Madden, TopShop and Sam Edelman all have different variations but I love the Zara ones for some reason.  These shoes are kind of like the new ballet flats.  I'm lusting over these so bad and I want them in my closet so bad!

I love the high-low trend!  I think it's so cute.  I bought this stunning blue high-low dress from Zara, and I am obsessed with it.  I was browsing the TopShop site looking for a high-low skirt and I saw this one.  I think the double tone makes it super casual.  It looks so cool and cute and ugh, I love it so much.  Hopefully my TopShop has it in the store!

I've had really bad under-eye circles recently and I really want to try this.  However, $40 for a concealer is a bit much. It also is a highlighter which is pretty cool. I'm going to do my research on this product and if it does really work miracles as I've heard it does I'll get a sample at Sephora and if I fall madly in love then I'll buy it.  The packaging is gorgeous too, good job YSL...

I've heard so much about this product from beauty gurus on YouTube.  Sephora finally got this bright pink colour in and I'm patiently waiting for it to hit Canadian stores.  I can't wait to try this for it's crazy pigmentation.  Hopefully it will be out before Christmas!

Believe it or not, I don't actually have one of those compacts to take everywhere to touch up.  I feel like I should get one for the connivence factor because I take a bareMinerals powder and a little brush and the powder gets everywhere.  If anyone knows a good compact please let me know!

My friend actually bought this and it makes her waves look amazing, I'll put a picture at the end of this post but her waves look so good.  I get lazy during the week and just let my hair go in waves so I think this product would be great.  

So I really want a phone wristlet, I think it's so practical to keep in my school bag or to go to the mall quickly.  I've been shopping around for one and this Kate Spade one is my favourite so far.  If you click on the title you'll see a link and different pictures of it and it looks super cool on the inside.  I think more designers should do this a few of them do but I like this design or Coach's design.

So that is the end of my Wishlist for this month.  Let me know what you are lusting over in the comments below.  Also, give me blog entry ideas since I have no camera I am very limited at the moment so be creative!  Thanks for reading, ilyssssm! Here's the picture of my friend's hair, xx.

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