Sunday, December 22, 2013

Favourite Online Shops

Hi everyone,

So in all honestly, my name is Emily and I am an online shopping addict.  Over the years, I have compiled quite a list of my favourite online shops and I thought I would share with you which shops I love.  I'm pretty sure some of these shops have actual stores.  Also, I do go through Wanelo to online shop a lot of the time so I just thought I would quickly mention it.  So let's get started my fellow online shoppers.

The first online store is Tobi.  Tobi is a great site and they have new arrivals every day which are always 30% off.  New members at Tobi get 50% off their first purchase and there are always sales on the site (Currently 40% off sitewide with the discount code December40).  The clothes are extremely in style and from what I have ordered, good quality.  They also carry brand names like Doc Martens so if you want shoes for 50% off Tobi is a great site.  Not to mention free shipping internationally.

Nasty Gal is one of my favourite sites.  The clothing is a bit more expensive however, the quality and design make the price worth the item in my opinion.  I am in love with the designs on this site.  They have a great variety of all clothing and I can spend hours going through this site.  They also have a great (but quite expensive) vintage selection on their site.

Asos is probably my favourite online store.  The sale section is a great place to find high end brands (including my personal favourite - Wildfox) at a relatively discounted price.  Also the selection on this site borders on insanity.  Shipping is free internationally I believe as well.  Asos is based in the UK so it has many English brands like Primark that you cannot find anywhere else including their own brand Asos.  Definitely worth a look at.

Sabo Skirt probably has my favourite designs out of all the online shops.  The only issue I have with Sabo Skirt is that shipping takes quite awhile as it is based in Australia.  Thankfully, in recent months, Sabo Skirt has places a $10 flat rate on all international shipping orders with free shipping over $150 ($50 if you are in Australia).  The clothes are decently prices and good quality and the designs are very original and trendy.  They always have new arrivals as well!

I rarely order from Jac Vanek but I absolutely love their clothes.  They are quite different and funny with quotes like "I Hate Everyone" on the back of vintage flannel but I am in love with 80% of the clothes on the site.  However, the reason I order so rarely is because the clothes are expensive but the shipping can cost more than the clothing itself.  I usually wait until Jac Vanek has a promotion so I don't end up paying $89 for shipping.  The clothes are all very unique (for the vintage clothing you'll be the only one who has it) and cute and the quality is good as well. 

So I can go on forever about online shopping but I feel like now that you have a good enough range you can start your massive spending spree with all the holiday money you will get this year.  I hope you enjoyed this post and I feel like there will be a sequel to this post in the New Year (I am a self-confessed online shopping addict).  I love you all so much and thank you so much for reading xx. 


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