Wednesday, March 6, 2013

50 Facts About Me

So while I'm out of the country and busy packing, I figured I would do a fun and easy tag called 50 Facts About Me..... although I'm not a very interesting person I hope you enjoy reading this and maybe you'll find out way more than you wanted to know about me.  While I am in London and Paris I will try my best to do OOTD/ OOTN for my blog and take fantastic pictures for a post about my trip.  So here we go: 50 facts about Emily....

My buddy George and I
1. I have family in an island called Rodrigues and Prince William was visiting and felt sick so he stopped by my aunt's house to use the washroom so now I'm family-friends with the Windsor's??

2. My favourite city that I've been to is London and I hope I get the chance to live there one day.

3. When I was six years old I broke my arm trying to walk up by backyard slide - I fell off and it fell on me.

4.  I fainted on Saturday getting my snug piercing done, I'm ok don't worry.

5.  I am a gold card member at Starbucks and I made it my mission in the Summer to get a gold card so Louis Tomlinson will love me.

6.  (.... I have no more interesting facts)  I quit dance this year and now there's a hole in the middle of my heart like a polo.

5.  Embarrassingly enough, I live in my Zayn Malik Onesie.

6.  I have this deeply routed obsession with models that has been growing over the last year like crazy.  I guess it's my deep desire to become a model.

7.  Made in Chelsea is one of my favourite shows to ever exist.

8.  I have a massive perfume collection because I never finish any of my perfumes I literally have perfumes that I used since I was a baby.

9. I love making mixtapes.  This makes me sound incredibly indie.

10.  My feet fall asleep all the time and it gets really annoying because pins and needles are the worst.

11.  I am that friend that takes 3 hours to respond to a text message and I hate myself for it.

12.  I love exercise but I'm never motivated enough to do it.

13.  Soap & Glory's Hand Food has been a drug to me the past few days (I'm not doing drugs it's a hand cream I apply much too often).

14.  Indie music is my favourite music.

15.  I haven't properly styled my hair since the new year so it would be healthy for my Paris and London trip.

16.  I would love to make YouTube videos but I'm so insecure and nervous.

17.  I can get really bad anxiety when I get super nervous - hence fainting at the piercers which was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

18.  I do ballet warmups while brushing my teeth and I have ever since I started.

19.  I'm fluent in French I guess

20.  My mom's from Mauritius and my dad's from Madagascar but I was born in Canada.

21.  I have an older brother and we're 9 and a half years apart and he has his first kid already.

22.  I have an extreme case of wanderlust like that is the only thing I really want to do with my life.

23.  There's not a single person in my life I tell everything to.

24. You have not lived until you get an Aroma Hot Chocolate.

25.  I have mild insomnia but I'm not allowed to take any medication for it.

26.  I've never felt the need to be skinny until I stopped dance in my studio this year and felt the need to work out constantly and monitor my eating.

27.  My parents taught me British English when I was younger since that's what they learned in school and now I get super confused with which word to use for the same thing.

28.  I'm addicted to tea.  I'll just talk about tea.

29.  My favourite tea from David's Tea is Orange Pekoe with agave and 2% milk.

30.  I drink tea at least twice a day everyday.

31.  Bath tubs are heaven.

32.  I really want a polaroid camera.

33.  I desperately want a cat or bunny or puppy but currently I'm in favour of the bunny.

34.  I really love going to concerts.

35.  I was an extremely chubby baby.

36.  I cut my hair super short in grade 7 and I will never go short again.

37.  I hate wearing my glasses in public and I never do unless I have to.

38.  I lose chapsticks like it's my job I am currently missing 3 EOS lipbalms.

39.  9 is my favourite number ever since I played soccer in grade 1 and chose 9 as my number.

40.  I suck at soccer but I love watching the games.

41.  I'm an MUFC supporter.

42.  I have this huge fascination with the Olympics more specifically the London olympics.

43.  It is pretty easy to impress me.

44.  Soccer players are just really hot in general.

45.  I've been collecting precious moments since I was 1.

46.  I really love candles.

47.  I say I'm allergic to cheese just so I can avoid eating it or being questioned about my deep hatred for it.

48.  I love getting manicures and pedicures

49.  I can't say the word Massachusetts (or spell it)

50.   My dream would be to do something in the fashion industry or be an entertainment broadcast journalist but I'll probably go to school and become a lawyer


  1. I live in Massachusetts! don't feel bad a lot of people come here and say it wrong.

    1. I get tongue tied when I say it! ha it's good to know i'm not the only one x