Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hey all,

So I didn't post recently because for the last week I was in NYC!  It was an amazing last minute trip and I just got back yesterday so here is everything I bought in nyc.  I'm going to just start because I bought a lot.  Originally I was going to edit all the pictures with photoshop (some of them are edited) but there are a lot of pictures  so my next post with fewer pictures will have photoshopped pictures.  Also, I used my cousin's camera for this and I still don't have mine, so enjoy this haul:

I'm going by category instead of store by the way! My apologies for the bad edits, i'm tired ok.

This first catergory is dresses!  I got this dress at Brandy Melville, it was my first time shopping there but I really like it besides the fact that it's one size fits all.  This dress is very "hipster" which is unlike my style but I love the cut outs on the side.

This dress is from the brand Silence + Noise and I bought it at Urban Outfitters.  I actually bought another dress but I'm getting it hemmed at the tailor's it's a bit long.  It's very tribal-esque and I don't know if you could tell but there's little studs on the top part of the dress.

This dress is from Gilly Hicks, which is a store from Sydney, Australia that is run by Abercrombie & Fitch.  It's a really cute casual coral dress and it makes me look 10 times more tan!

I am a huge sucker for union jack motifs.  If you follow my tumblr (I'll link it at the end of the post), you know I want to live in London and I'm going to study there for university.  I got this shirt at Forever 21 and I am in love with it!

This shirt is similar to the union jack shirt as it's the same kind of style.  It's from Brandy Melville which is a very "hipster" style store as you can tell.  These sleeve cut off shirts are however very comfortable and on trend.  This one says "infinite love" and under denim high waisted shorts, it's a simple but cute outfit.

This is way more my style!  It's a plain no sleeve collared shirt.  I'm have so much collared shirts it's getting ridiculous but they are so simple and classy so it's ok that I have like 25 by now.  I wear mine with dark was denim shorts!

I thought this would be a cute shirt when I got to beach or swimming to cover up my bathing suit with. I love the colour and I wish I took a picture of the back but I forgot to!  This is also from Brandy Melville

Back to collared shirts, this one is from Topshop (where I get most of my collared shirts).  I have one very similar to this that I've taken pictures of before.  I love the collar on this one though, it's really unique.

I also got this shirt from Topshop and I absolutely adore the back!  It's a lace strip down the middle and just adds something different to an otherwise plain top.

This is a half top from Topshop as well.  I apologize for the blurry picture (and bad edit).  I would never wear this with shorts but under high waisted skirts and high-low shirts it is really cute.  I am also planning on using this for dance.

Well of course I had to buy an "I <3 NY" hoodie.  I was in nyc for the first time and I would not pass that up!

I bought these really comfy flannel boxer shorts to sleep in from Abercrombie.  I sleep in these in the summer because it gets really hot and I love them!

I also bought a pair of stripped ones that are thinner from Gilly Hicks as well.  Can never have to many boxers!

I have an obsession with running shorts, I have a pair of Norts (Nike shorts) and a few pairs of Lululemons.  They are just comfy to wear around the house and what not.  They also inspire me to work out!

I have seen bracelets like these everywhere.  They are super simple, and tiny but really cute!  I really want more.  My concern is they'll break but I feel like this is only a trend and I don't need to invest in a nice high end bracelet from Bendel's just yet.  But who knows if I really like them I will.

No one knows the excitement I had when I found this!  This is my favourite exfoliator ever and it's discontinues in every store.  I found a bunch of these at Woodbury Common Outlets.  I ended up stocking up on these since they are impossible to find.

I also got these cute Kate Spade earrings.  They are little spades and I just like them when I don't feel like wearing my usual studs.

I also got these really tiny studs.  I actually got my second piercing in nyc I'll insert a picture at the end of this post.  I bought 2 pairs of earrings and the other ones are in my ears and I obviously cannot take them out yet since the hole might close.

When I was in Bendel's I somehow got into getting a free make over from a Christopher Drummond make-up artist.  His products are all natural and organic and my Bobbi Brown concealer is running out so I just bought this one.  Also may I just add one of the two make up artists in my new bff.  He's the best person ever.

I went to Century 21 which is basically a giant discount store that sells high end brands.  I got this really cute Marc Jacobs cross body bag and I love it!  It's smaller than my treasured Rebecca Minkoff so that's good.

My old Tory Burch flip flops are completely work out because I wear them so much so after a year of walking around in them I decided to buy another pair.  The gold and black goes with my Rebecca Minkoff bag and I love the leopard print.

I also got a pair of TB sandals.  I got tanned and gold because it goes with everything and I found them super cute.  I needed a new pair of sandals and I thought these were the cutest.

Lastly I got some boat shoes!  I bought a pair of Sperry's because I find them so cute and once I break them in I hope they're comfortable too!  I got an acid washed blue colour and I can't wait to wear them!

So that is it for my NYC haul, I hope you all enjoyed this post.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!  Also if you haven't already follow me on tumblr, I am super active on there, it's kind of like an addiction to me.  You'll also get a really good sense of what I like fashion wise.  Click HERE to go to my tumblr and hit the "follow" button on the top right hand corner!  Also if you have any questions or want to talk to me drop me a message in my ask box!  I also changed my signature to my real name, so let me know what you think of my new blog signature!

Here is the picture of my second piercing from my personal instagram!


  1. In the photo with the white topshop top and high waisted skirt, where did you get the skirt from/ what brand? If you don't remember, what fabric is it? Thanks c:

    1. i got it at aritzia a few years back, it's from mink pink and the fabric is 100% cotton :)