Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update & Tag: What's In My Bag!

Hey girls,

My blog has been lacking a lot this entire year and I feel terrible that I've made empty promises.  It's now Summer and I was supposed to catch up on my posts and my goal was to get one out every week. However, that quickly ended which is partially my fault.  A few weeks ago I went to Puerto Rico for a week, so I couldn't blog while I was there.  My Summer posts won't be very good because well I broke my camera and it won't be ready for at least a month :( !  I'm trying to use my dad's DSLR but I can't take pictures of myself with it unless I ask someone or I take mirror pictures.  I could try to use my MacBook's webcam but the camera quality is not great.  I'm very limited at the moment but I'll try to get my cousin's digital camera.  I hope you all understand my circumstances.  Also, I might be going on a few other trips throughout the Summer.  I'm going to Toronto soon but not to worry I can blog from there like last year.  I was going to do a haul since I got a bunch of stuff in my recent shopping trip but I'm still working on trying to get online pictures for all the items I bough so I thought I would just do a tag and take pictures from my previous blog posts.  Oh and my pictures are probably going to be better because I might be getting photoshop, so fingers crossed.

So this tag is just a standard what's in my bag except these pictures aren't mine, I google them so just bare with me for this post. For the record, I don't keep much in my bag because I complain about it being too heavy all the time. I thought this would be a cute and fun little post too so let's get started!

First off I thought I would show you a picture of my bag, from the website of the designer if course.  But I absolutely adore this bag and bring it everywhere with me.  It was definitely worth the money in my opinion.

This is the Rebecca Minkoff MAC in black with gold hardware.  It is quite pricey but I adore it so much and it fits a lot more than you expect it too!

The first thing is just my Starbucks card.  I recently opened one and it is one of the worst and best decisions of my life.  I love Starbucks so much and the thing is I only order like 4 things off the menu.  I'm not a big drink explorer and whenever I try a new drink at Starbucks I don't end up liking it so I'll stick to what I know.  This card is super handy but the downside is I am always craving Starbucks now and I really want to become a gold card member....

The next thing is my Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.  I love these, but the main reason I wear these as opposed to my new Dior sunglasses is because they are polarized.  The concept of polarization is hard to explain but easy to understand.  It's more of a "you have to see for yourself" type of thing.  But yaa, my sunglasses!

I keep my Travalo which is filled with my Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume in my bag but I never really use it because I completely forgot it was in there to be honest.  But that's nice to know I have it now!

Then I have some gum, the one I have currently is Stride Tropical Trance which is like lemon flavoured or something.  Just to be clear, it's a sealed pack and I haven't used it yet I got it at a concert to be fair.  Then I have a punch of random cards that I'm not going to bother finding a picture of like Purdy's ice cream, my Scene card for the movies, random movie tickets, my student ID etc.

Then I have my favourite lip gloss which is NARS Dolce Vita.  It's a really pretty natural lip colour and I love the formulation.  I recommend checking this out.  It's a lovely colour and I've been obsessed with it for about a year now!  

Then I have my MAC Suntints in Full of Grace.  A Suntint is pretty much a liquid tinted lipbalm in a tube.  I love this since it's really sheer and I actually love the taste and smell of MAC products they all have that vanilla essence to them.  I guess I just like my options really.

Then in my little front pocket I have my money and coins and my Sephora Beauty Insider Card and a receipt which isn't very glamourous to me.  But that is all that is in my bag!

Thank you for reading this and I hope you all see the trouble I'm dealing with right now.  Please forgive me for being a terrible blogger this year and I hope you all found it enjoyable to read about what I keep in my purse which is actually so lame.  

By the way I did disable my twitter as I rarely went on but I still do have a tumblr which I am always on because I am an addict and my tumblr URL is  Feel free to follow me on there and leave a little ask.  As my Tumblr followers know, Taylor isn't my real name it's a nickname so if you see someone refer to my real name on there just know it's still me!  One thing about my RM bag before I go!  The one thing I hate about it is the gold hardware because most of my accessories are silver so they clash sometimes, that's just something to keep in mind.  

I'll blog to you real soon, xx!



  1. love the tote. so chic :) cute blog girl

  2. The bag is super cute. And I always love seeing what's in my bag tags - guess I just like snooping in other people's bags..haha! :)

    Btw, I'm having a Live chat today about blogging. Hope to see you there too! Check out more about it here: