Saturday, February 11, 2012

Haul: Superbowl Sunday - February 5, 2012

Hey y'all,

So, let me just start by saying GO PATRIOTS!  Anyway, today I went shopping and I got some stuff.  I will also announce my first prize for my Bloggiversary giveaway.  I've added a picture on my sidebar, just click on it and it will lead you to the entry post with the rules & everything you need to know.  So, I shall start my first haul of the new year!  Let me just add that some of these things are just essentials and really random but I thought I would share anyway... DON'T JUDGE.

The first thing is this dress.  I am IN LOVE.  It is just so gorgeous, (Pardon the bad hair day by the way).  I bought this at Costa Blanca, I really don't own anything from that store but my mom wanted to show me a dress then I found this baby.  I'll be wearing it this weekend for my aunt's 60th birthday.  They had it a striking blue colour but they didn't have my size in it so I went with the pink.  The brand is called Freshine and it was $40.

I went to Shoppers, as there was 20x the points on beauty products and as I was at the cash, I spotted the Travalo, which is just a perfume spray.  I was looking for this everywhere and I was super excited when I found this.  I'll be bringing this to school (even though it's supposed to be scent-free... shhh) and filling it up with Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck.  I believe it was about $12.

And the random stuff begins. So... I needed razors and these ones were on sale.  I usually buy the Twilight ones, which are pink & purple, but the Bella ones were on sale.  I don't really know the difference to be honest.  So... yeah Bic Soleil Bella Disposable Razors.  I prefer disposable razors, I find them easier to deal with.  I bought this for $5.99.

Deodorant.  I am a normal human being, I perspire like everyone else but I don't like it so I use deodorant.  I got a mini one of these Dove Ultimate Go Fresh antiperspirants in whatever scent this is, while I was in downtown Toronto this Summer.  Dove was in Dundas Square giving out free minis of these and I loved the scent so I decided to purchase a full size one, for my home since my other one finished.  Just a little note about me:  I have deodorant everywhere: I have one in my locker, one in my dance bag, one in my washroom and one in my room.  It was on sale fro $2.99

So, yea, this is my favourite toothpaste.  Crest 3D White in Radiant Mint.  It was on sale so I decided to buy some while it was cheap.  True bargain shopper over here.  Yea, this whole line of dental products is amazing.  I want to try their white strips but I love the toothbrush and toothpaste.  I tried the mouthwash and hated however.  Each box/tube was $2.99.

Yea, we're into beauty products.  Shoppers was having a sale on Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color polishes.  I got just a plain grey because believe it or not, I don't own a plain grey and I just thought it would be a really simple yet modern colour to own.  This is number 460- Wet Cement.  These were on sale for $3.

If you watch Sarahbelle93x on YouTube, you know she loves this colour.  I was looking through the nail polishes and saw it was on sale.  I was a bit hesitant because bright colours like this don't usually look good on me.  Despite my concern, I picked it up.  I got home and painted my nails this colour and I love it.  I didn't expect to, but it's such a pretty colour, it's hard not to love.  By the way, it's 420 - Pacific Blue.

Competition season is so close.  I was looking through my lipsticks and I realized my red lipstick for dance (Red Earth's RD239) was completely broken.  Like it was smashed and the bullet was disconnected I tried to reattach the bullet by freezing it but it didn't work, so I had to purchase another red lipstick.  I went to Shoppers' Beauty Boutique & the make up artist recommended the Rouge Dior Haute Couleur Voluptuous Care in 743 Zianna Red.  It's a Russian Red lipstick but it is on the cooler side so it will make your teeth look whiter.  This was $36.

Along with the lipstick, I also needed a lip liner as mine is MIA.  So, I just went with the matching lip liner to the lipstick.  I bought the Dior Contour Lipliner Pencil With Brush and Sharpener in 863 Holiday Red.  I was informed this is also waterproof so that's amazing especially for a dancer.

So, that is all I bought on Superbowl Sunday.  I do have to go because I'm typing this as I'm watching the game, and its 3rd & 5 with New England winning 17 - 15 New York.  Once again, GO PATRIOTS!  Just a side note:  my team is the Baltimore Ravens but I love Tom Brady, I think he's an amazing quarterback, although Eli Manning is really good too.  LOL, little football talk there.  Anyway have a great Superbowl Sunday and the commercials, game and half-time show.


P.S:  Here is the first giveaway prize!

Bodycology's Bosy Mist in "Sweet Petal"; I'm a huge fan of Bodycology so I;m trying to include them in a lot of giveaways since I know they are not a huge brand... YET!


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    I LOVE the color <3
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  2. Thanks so much & I'll for sure check out your blog!