Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide for Her!

Hey y'all,

So it's that time of year, and I cannot wait!  So to kick off my Holiday Gift Guide, I'm going to start off with gifts for her.  Your best friend, mom, aunt, sister whoever she may be!  Keep in mind these are only suggestions and every person in different!  These are just what I would want or buy for people.

The first thing are Infinity/Loop/Circle/Eternity etc. scarves.  I got mine last year all from Windsor but I adore them.  Recently, everyone in my town has been obsessed with circle scarves and I know so many people that have these on their wishlist for Christmas.  They range in prices and styles.  You can pretty much find them anywhere!

The next thing, keeping with the Winter wear theme in a head warmer!  I personally love these and already have 3.  I would be thrilled to get more of these anyday!  They are super cute and really warm.  I know a bunch of people trying to get their hands on these.  It's the cuter version of a hat!

If you are willing to spend a more generous amount on someone, a girl never denies anything from Tiffany & Co., I know a lot of people would love to receive anything Tiffany for Christmas.  These gifts are are more expensive but do not worry if you can't afford it there are plenty of other gifts you can get!

Perfumes are something I love getting for Christmas!  I know perfumes can also be a tricky thing to get for someone.  If you're not sure about the perfume, you can get a sampler for $50 at Sephora with a card that can get them the perfume they liked the most!

Another generous gift would be a designer handbag!  Which girl wouldn't love a designer purse?  A little tip is to go to outlets, they usually have 20-30% off coupons plus the prices are cheaper!  This is a great gift for a great girl in your life!  Girls will usually drop hints if they want one by the way but a girl will never deny one.

Unless a girl is obsessed with make-up, I'd stay away from it, girls can take things super offensively.  Also, if you don't know exactly what someone wants, get a gift set.  During the holidays Sephora has a bunch of great value gift sets and some could be great stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts too!

If someone has a a charm bracelet from Pandora, Tiffany, Thomas Sabo or anybody a great gift idea would to give them a charm.  Charms range in price, they can be $30 to $1000 so there is a lot of options to consider when buying them.  Also, if someone has a Pandora, some companies like Personna can fit on Pandora's but the charm will be cheaper.  Try to get something of sentimental value too, like if Winter themed charm so she knows she got it from you during the Holidays!

CLOTHES!  I was hesitant to do this category because it's really touchy.  I know clothes are very common for presents but make one wrong move and everything to go wrong.  So make sure you know the person's style, size and favourite stores and brands.  If you've got that all down then go out and buy some clothes.  Always get a gift receipt just incase the person might already have that item!

The last thing on the gift guide for her is gift cards!  These are the ultimate gift.  Gift cards are more thoughtful than cash since it shows you put some thought into what she likes, it's suitable for any price range and there are endless options!

So that is the end of my Gift Guide for HER!  I hope you got some great ideas and I'm so sorry it took so long to get this up!  I've been working hard to get this up but it's that time of year where all major projects are due!  So feel free to leave more gift suggestions in the comments below or link your gift guide! XOXO <3

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